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We are the leading voice for the CLT movement.

We lead
on campaigns with our members and partners
in the wider community led housing movement. Our campaigns aim to make our vision a reality.

We are really successful. The Community Land Trust Network and our members have secured the multimillion Community Housing Fund, and exemptions from policies like the Right to Buy that would undermine CLTs. Politicians across all parties support CLTs.

Join us. There is always more to do, and as with all our work, we never go it alone. So join us in our current campaigns.

Together, we can mainstream the community ownership of affordable homes and land.

Renew the Community Housing Fund

We want the fund included in the 2021 SR

Local authority support for CLH

What groups can do to win over local authorities

Comment and Analysis

Read our latest responses, blogs and comment

Leasehold Reform

We’re campaigning for an expemption from leasehold enfranchisement

The CLT movement is growing every day

Across the country, in urban and rural areas and across communities

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CLT projects in England & Wales

completed CLT homes

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