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Our new online CLT training programme offers actionable support and insights for CLTs to better establish, develop and operate.


Alongside a small cohort of other CLTs, trainees will gain a strong foundation of practical knowledge. This programme will explore the larger landscape of the community land trust movement, case studies from established groups, and real life fundraising, operations and community engagement essentials for CLTs.

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Who is it for?


This programme is for Community Land Trust Network members who are involved in the management and administration of a community land trust. These sessions are suitable for people with no prior experience or for anyone looking to fill gaps in their knowledge.

Trainees might be:

  • members of the founding board for a newly formed CLT
  • new board members of an existing CLT
  • people who have been involved in the management of a CLT for some time who are now seeking to improve their skills and knowledge

Ideally two people from each CLT will join the training sessions.


How does it work?


Our training programme is made up of three interactive modules.

Trainees can enrol into the full programme of workshops or choose 1 or 2 sessions to make their own bespoke programme.

Each module consists of:

  1. Pre-workshop preparation
  2. An interactive online workshop
  3. A reading and resource list for follow up study

These sessions will embed trainees within a cohort of CLTs who will serve as a network of mutual support and advice. This peer support can continue after the training is complete as trainees will be invited to join a cohort Whatsapp group.

We will be regularly running all the modules of the training programme throughout the year.

CLT Training programme module 1: Getting started

In module one trainees will gain a foundation knowledge of the funding needs and opportunities. This will include:

  • Understanding the CLT Network’s role
  • An introduction to the likely sources of core funding
  • Generic funding requirements at the different stages of a CLT project

We know that funding is an important subject – so we’ve made module 1 free to CLT Network Members. This module typically takes 2 hours

CLT Training programme module 2: running a CLT

In module two trainees will explore the governance and operations essentials for managing a CLT. This will include:

  • Clarifying your purpose
  • Understanding the responsibilities of a director
  • Managing an effective board
  • Managing risk
  • AGMs
  • Policies and procedures
  • Financial management

This module typically takes 4.5 hours including breaks. 

CLT Training programme - module 3: engaging your community

In module three trainees will learn all about working with purpose, collective decision making, and stakeholder engagement. This will include:


  • An introduction to community organising
  • Why community engagement is essential
  • Community mapping
  • Tools for engagment
  • Events
  • Developing new leaders

This module typically takes 4.5 hours including breaks.

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