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We are leading the debate on how community ownership can be mainstreamed.

Our comment and analysis draw on the practice of hundreds of CLTs up and down the country, and the partners they are working with. We support policy makers and industry leaders to implement effective policy and practice.

Comment & Analysis

Levelling up by our bootstraps

21 September 2021

Housing as if community mattered

28 July 2021

Creating lasting CLH Legacies: the Road to 2025 and beyond

10 November 2020

‘Levelling up’ and community led housing’s role

22 October 2020

Response to Consultations

A graphic of pen and paper with 'Response to consultation' in white text

Response to the introduction of tenant satisfaction measures (TSMs)

March 2022

Pen and paper icon with 'response to consultation' written on the right in white.

Response to ‘Right to Regenerate’

March 2021

Response to New Model of Shared Ownership

December 2020

Response to Planning for the Future (Planning White Paper)

October 2020

Response to Changes to the Current Planning System

September 2020

Response to First Homes

March 2020

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What would it mean for CLTs to be mainstream rather than a niche?

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