We are the Community Land Trust Network.

We lead a movement working for a community land trust in every community that wants one.

We are mainstreaming the community ownership of land for affordable housing and other assets in public policy and market practice.

Young children in coats and wellies peeking over the fence onto the construction site for their new community led homes

CLTs changing communities

CLTs across the country are buying land to provide affordable homes, workspace, farmland and other community owned assets

A family of four and their dog sitting in their new home around the table with their hands touching in the middle of the table

Our Vision

We think mainstream community ownership of land and affordable housing can be a solution to major challenges

Credit: Yiannis Katsaris Image of 3 people waving at London CLT's Citizen's House opening

CLT Network Manifesto calls for 10 policies to rewire the system for Community Led Development

The CLT Network has published their 2024 Community Land Trusts Manifesto with policies that would enable community led developments to account for at least 5% of housing development in the UK by 2029. According to the CLT Network, this would enable the completion of 15,000 new homes a year and would generate over £1 billion of community wealth.