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We believe that community ownership can play a much greater part in the big challenges facing our country – the cost of housing, left behind communities, climate change.


CLTs are demonstrating the power of community to gain local support for high quality homes, to steward land for long-term wellbeing and to strengthen their communities. They point to a vision of a planning system, and housing and land markets, where community power is recognised, where partnerships between CLTs and developers, landowners, local authorities and housing associations are commonplace.

We don’t want to grow CLTs as a niche, we want them to be mainstream. It shouldn’t be so hard for communities to do this, dependent on special support programmes to give them a leg up in a hostile system.

We are leading the debate on how public policy and market practice can embed community ownership. Read our vision for what this would look like, our comment pieces on current issues, and the key reports to give you an insight into our sector’s past achievements and future direction.

Our vision

What would it mean for CLTs to be mainstream rather than a niche?

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