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We’ve brought together CLT activists to shout about the movement

We all know how much change CLTs can transform their communities in so many ways.

But to many, it’s still a bit of a secret. 

That’s why we’ve trained a group of CLT champions who understand the magic of CLTs to speak at your events and to the press.

The benefits of booking an ambassador


CLTs are inspiring to many, but getting started can also be daunting. Hearing others speak of their own experiences and how they are making their plans a reality is powerful.

Whether there are few CLTs in your area to draw on, or you want to mix it up — a CLT Ambassador fits the bill.


Every community is diverse and it’s important that CLTs are genuinely representative and inclusive. Events are a great way to provide a platform for different voices.

Our CLT Ambassadors come from across the country and are diverse in terms of their backgrounds and experiences. They are raring to spread the word and help grow the movement.


For more people to know about and understand what CLTs are, more people need to be championing them.

This is an opportunity to grow the CLT ecosystem and work together to mainstream CLTs. The CLT Ambassadors care deeply and have been professionally trained to showcase the movement.

Meet our CLT Ambassadors

Located across England and Wales, each ambassador brings their own experience, passion and ability to galvanise and inspire more communities into action. See below for their individual specialisms.

Top row (L to R): Jacqui Wilding, Charles Emeka (trainer) Darren French, Anurag Verna and Claude Hendrickson.

Bottom row (L to R): Aya Rehman, Beverley Brown, Sophie Haggerty (CLTN staff), Rebecca Seignior and Loic Rich.

Not pictured: Tom Johnston

Aya – Forest CLT (London)

  • creative design processes
  • community engagement

(Aya is a trained peer researcher)

Anurag – RUSS (London)

  • trained architect
  • sustainable self-build

Beverley – Leeds Community Homes (West Yorkshire)

  • housing industry consultant
  • social investment

Claude – Leeds Community Homes (West Yorkshire)

  • self help housing
  • policy adviser to Leeds City Council
  • BAME and LGBTQ+ adviser

Darren – Hastings Commons (East Sussex)

  • bottom-up development
  • mental health benefits of CLH
  • stewardship of non-housing assets

Jacqui – Bronllys Well Being Park CLT (Powys)

  • partnerships with anchor organisations
  • health and social wellbeing of a community
  • national policy

Loic – Truro CLT (Cornwall)

  • housing for young people
  • housing for the homeless
  • local politics (Loic is a councillor)

Rebecca – Larkrise Cohousing CLT (Herefordshire)

  • single parenting
  • rural housing
  • community cohesion and social connection

Tom – Glendale Gateway Trust (Northumberland)

  • former CEO and current CLH adviser
  • partnership working
  • regeneration of existing buildings and high streets


Email us at [email protected] to book an ambassador for your event today. Let us know if you have someone specific in mind or if you’d like us to suggest the person with the best-suited experience.