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The CLT movement is constantly growing and changing. We’ve gathered together the key reports and publications to help you understand the movement and its impact. We provide consultancy services if you want a more in depth understanding for your organisation.

You can find many more reports and pieces of research that we and others have produced on the websites of the Institute for Community Studies and Community Led Homes.

CLT Manifesto 2024

Community Land Trust Manifesto 2024

We’re calling for community ownership and agency to be wired into the systems for land and development.

Report image - diversity and inclusion in community land trusts

Diversity and Inclusion in Community Land Trusts

This research, the first of its kind, explores what diversity and inclusion means, and how it operates, in the CLT movement in England and Wales.

Cover of pipeline report

State of the CLT Sector Report 2023

Industry partnerships could help communities to build at least 278,000 homes through replicable project types.



Cover of pipeline report

Delivering the Community Led Housing Pipeline in England

What’s needed to deliver the current pipeline of community led housing in England.

NCLTN State of the Sector Report 2020

State of the CLT Sector Report 2020

All the key facts and figures on the CLT movement in England and Wales.



Capital Economics Report cover

Value for Money of Community Led Housing

An independent economic analysis using the HM Treasury Green Book methodology.

Leading to Net Zero

A study finding that CLTs and other community led housing groups are building to high environmental standards.

More comment & analysis

Blogs responding to policy developments, consultations and debates.

Our vision

What would it mean for CLTs to be mainstream rather than a niche?

Our thought leadership

Comments and analysis on recent policy issues and challenges

Our campaigns

We are campaigning for the changes needed to build the movement and mainstream

The CLT movement is growing every day

Across the country, in urban and rural areas and across communities

CLT groups in England & Wales

CLT projects in England & Wales

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