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We are campaigning for the Community Housing Fund to be renewed for a further 4 years

The Community Housing Fund was incredibly successful.

From Cornwall to Cleveland, Liverpool to Peterborough, new community led homes have been built, enabled or started in development thanks to the fund. We know that without this fund, these homes would not be happening and many homes in development would have to stop.

Our asks for the Spending Review


£41m Revenue funding for projects


£7.5m of Capital funding for non-standard affordable tenures


£6m of revenue for local authorities

£8m for sector infrastructure


The Subsidy Control Bill to permit subsidy to CLH

What next?

During the spring and summer of 2021 we have commissioned independent research on the funding required to deliver the pipeline of homes, and on the available options and the appetite of those funders. We have used this, and discussions with our partners, to shape our key asks above.

We have been speaking to MPs, officias and others in the community and housebuilding industry about the success of the Community Housing Fund. We’ve captured the key points in a two page briefing.

Download our Community Housing Fund Briefing here

We have also been working behind the scenes to influence officials, advisers and politicians, to ensure the Community Housing Fund is included in the spending review submission made by Ministry for Housing Communities and Local Government.

Campaigning on the CHF will be our priority in late summer and early Autumn when we will be asking our members and others to join us in showing Government how much difference the fund has made so far and why it’s so important to reinstate it.


The Community Housing Fund in numbers

existing community led homes in the UK

homes in the pipeline

demand over budget

public benefit for every £1 spent