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Contact: Beth Boorman, Communications Manager at the National CLT Network, on or 07731 570748

The case for the Community Housing Fund to be extended has been strengthened as a new report commissioned by a consortium of charities reveals a potential pipeline of over 23,000 affordable community led homes.

Key findings from the report:

  • Nearly 900 community led housing groups are developing homes across England
  • The 23,000 community led homes in the pipeline is four times the estimate from just three years ago (5,810 homes)
  • Funding required to see these homes built over five years would total up to £260.5m outside of London.

Read the full report here

Read The National CLT Network is leading a campaign for the Community Housing Fund to be extended for a further five years in the Spring Budget.

The now-closed £163m Community Housing Fund provided grants to housing projects managed specifically by community groups. The new report shows that despite its short 18-month timeframe the Fund has stimulated significant growth.

Over 60 MPs have been contacted by groups concerned for the future of their affordable housing projects should the Fund not continue.

Catherine Harrington, Co-Chief Executive of the National Community Land Trust Network, said:

“The community led housing movement is waiting with bated breath. If the Community Housing Fund is not extended in the Spring Budget it would have devastating consequences.

“As our new research shows, the 18-months that the Fund was open has rapidly expanded the community housing movement. Nearly 1000 groups have projects, many of which are ‘oven-ready’. These are affordable homes that are backed by the community and are unlikely to be built by traditional developers.

“We urge the government to make good on its manifesto commitment and renew the Community Housing Fund for a further five years next week.”


Notes to editors

  1. ‘Estimating the pipeline of community led housing projects and its grant requirements’ was commissioned by the National Community Land Trust Network in partnership with the Confederation of Co-operative Housing, Locality and UK Cohousing.
  2. More information on the Community Housing Fund can be found on the National CLT Network website here.

Download the February 2020 pipeline report here.