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The Community Land Trust Network has brought together a group of eight CLT peer researchers to conduct research into how to make the community land trust movement more inclusive to people of all backgrounds.

We have partnered with the Young Foundation to train the researchers and support them through every step of the process, resulting in a report they will produce that identifies barriers to diversity and inclusion in the CLT movement along with potential solutions to overcome these barriers. The results of this interview-based research will play an important role in shaping Community Land Trust Network efforts to bring about a more inclusive movement. We can’t wait to see what the researchers learn!

This programme is a part of the Cohesive Communities Fund (CCF) project funded by M&G Investments and Power to Change.

Meet our CLT peer researchers below, in their own words.

I’m a creative practitioner exploring the relationship between people, places, and design. I’m interested in understanding the practical ways we can co-create stronger communities, through research, collaboration, and community engagement.


Forest CLT, Greater London

Hello, I’m IF Anumonye. Yes, that’s my real name – short and simple. I am a single mum of four, living in Medway, Kent. In the last 10 years, I’ve been homeless three times and it’s one of the reasons why I am working as a community researcher as part of The Young Foundation’s research programme on behalf of the Community Land Trust Network. I also want voices like mine to be heard and people like me to be seen and considered when issues of diversity and inclusivity are considered in affordable and sustainable community led housing. My hope is to continue to be able to be involved in programmes that can create access to affordable housing for individuals like me and families like mine. So that the narrative that having a home is unattainable because I am a Black British, middle-aged, woman who happens to be a single parent changes.

IF Anumonye


Since retiring, in a volunteer capacity, Linda continues to work for her community. Linda resides in the community she was born in Toxteth Liverpool 8 the largest European black community with a 500-year history.

Linda has over 30 years’ service to the Liverpool BAME voluntary sector and more recently 15 years in local government adult health and social care. Linda is an experienced and talented professional who has years of experience under belt. Linda has a history in housing co-ops, new design and build projects, campaigning for equality and human rights,

More recently along with 2 other local people, L8 matters CLT was established Linda is a director. Through L8 Matters CLT her work involves saving her community from private sector development. Linda wants to ensure local government establish meaningful conversations with her community to ensure their voices are heard and actioned.

I am proud to be part of the peer research project as it will put L8 Matters CLT and its serving community on the map. It is also a unique opportunity to meet other CLTs who I would not otherwise have the opportunity to meet.

Linda Freeman

L8 Matters CLT, Merseyside

I’m Mikyla Limpkin. I became a board member of Yorspace CLT in York six months ago because it looked like a dynamic project however I live on the Lincolnshire coast.  I’ve been involved in social enterprises for thirtyish years and I’ve always loved learning about new projects and the amazing people involved in them. As my research and writing is normally for bids and business plans I’ve really enjoyed the training from The Young Foundation and I’m looking forward to starting the interviews.

Mikyla Limkin

Yorspace CLT, Lincolnshire


My name is Rachel, I live in the beautiful county of Pembrokeshire, West Wales and I am a board member of Solva Community Land Trust. I work as a housing officer for the local authority and specialise in sustainable community housing, gaining a Masters in Environmental Law and Sustainable Development (LLM).

Pembrokeshire has a high proportion of second homes and holiday lets which has resulted in many being priced out of the housing market, this is having a huge impact upon our small communities. Solva CLT intends to tackle this issue, ensuring long term affordable housing that the community has a real say in. We have gained around £3m in funding from the second home council tax premium, and are working in partnership with Ateb housing association. With this, we aim to create 18 affordable, carbon net zero homes to help protect our community and the environment.

I became part of the peer research review project to promote the development of CLTs, and ensure communities feel empowered to take ownership of the housing needs in their areas.


Solva CLT, Pembrokeshire

My name is Katie Reilly. I am a member and director of Oxford-based architecture and design cooperative Transition by Design. Trained as an architect, I specialise in community-led housing, meanwhile use and working with tricky urban and rural sites. I also sit on the Board of Directors for Brighton and Hove Community Land Trust, exploring ways to enable sustainable and affordable community-led homes in the city.

Much of my work is research-led and as an avid learner, I am always looking to learn from my peers and other resources. I am excited to be a peer researcher with the Young Foundation looking into increasing diversity in CLTs because I’d like to be a stronger ally as a designer in making architecture and the CLT sector more actively inclusive.

Katie Reilly

Brighton and Hove CLT, Oxfordshire

My name is Joy Hunt and I’m a member of Bristol Community Land Trust.

I joined BCLT because I hoped to get involved with an affordable, self-build or self-finish housing project or get support starting my own.

With great good fortune, I was offered a house in an exciting project developed with BCLT partnership, of 50 affordable homes, with community-building and co-operation designed-in through the self-finish aspect of it.

I’m excited to be a part of this research project because diversity and inclusion are very important to me as a neurodivergent, low-waged single parent. Additionally, I want to support the CLT movement in addressing the housing crisis. People need secure, affordable homes in order to thrive, and communities thrive when their residents do.

Joy Hunt

Bristol CLT, Bristol

Hi. My name is Waqas and I am a long-time resident in Bradley which is based in Nelson, Lancashire and the area is a great place to live and bring up a family. I am the Chair of Bradley Big Local Community Land Trust (BBLCLT) and also Chair of the Bradley Big Local (BBL) Partnership which was awarded £1 million pounds to spend to improve the Bradley Ward.

As Chair of BBLCLT, we listened to the residents in Bradley and they wanted us to concentrate on the poor standard of housing in the area which is why our first major project was a self-build of 4 semi-detached properties in the ward that were sold to local residents utilising local tradesmen to complete the build from start to finish.

I am taking part in the Peer Research training with The Young Foundation as I want all the residents in Bradley to get on board our Community Land Trust to make it accessible to everyone and make us all one big community, after all our motto is “Making Bradley a Place to call Home”!!!


Bradley Big Local CLT, Lancashire

We will provide updates on this project and how its findings shape our plans – watch this space!