Getting Ready for the General Election: How Can CLTs Take Action?

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The General Election is on, and it’s a fantastic opportunity for you to help CLTs across England and Wales to secure support from the next government.

Over the last Parliament our network has lobbied over 100 MPs and met more ministers than we’d like to count. This work has resulted in some big wins including:

  • Over £240m of public money pledged for community led housing (though too little was actually spent)
  • Planning policies to encourage and incentivise land for community led development, including community led exception sites
  • Legislation to protect the ability of CLTs to charge ground rents, and – almost! – to exempt them from leasehold enfranchisement

And our CEO, Tom Chance, has been meeting with key figures influencing the main political parties over the last 12 months, including ministers and shadow ministers.

This has been a collective effort. In our annual CLT Awards ceremonies we talk about flocks of geese, and how each goose takes its turn to lead the v-formation. We are all leaders in this movement, and every one of you lobbying your MP has played a part in securing these wins.

That work all started in the 2019 General Election campaign, with you contacting Prospective Parliamentary Candidates seeking their support. Whoever is elected this July, you can then build on that pledge and that relationship to support our collective advocacy work over the coming years.

As their potential constituents, you have a powerful story to tell about the problems in your area and the difference CLTs can make. You’re in a particularly privileged position if you’re in a marginal seat.

We launched our 10-point manifesto for CLTs in February. It shows how the next government could wire your agency and ownership into the systems – whether you are for building affordable homes, codesigning and stewarding large-scale developments, regenerating our high streets, or restoring land for nature in the countryside.

Take a look at our manifesto here:

Image reads Community Land Trusts Manifesto 2024 Maniffesto Ymddiriedolaethau Tir Cymunedol 2024. Click link to read the manifesto

We now want you to write to all the candidates in your constituency asking them to pledge their support.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Read our manifesto, which sets out our vision and 10 key policy proposals
  2. Find your local declared list of candidates and their contact information using the Democracy Club database
  3. Write to your candidates using our template letters for English and Welsh members
  4. Complete this form to help us keep track of PPCs that have been contacted
  5. Drop us an email if you receive a response

We will be tracking contacts and will use this information once the new government forms to target our advocacy work to make a better policy landscape for CLTs in England and Wales.

Want to know more about the CLT Network’s vision and advocacy? Join us at Building With Communities Conference on Friday 21 June – CLTs who are members of the CLT Network can claim their free tickets here. Non-member CLTs and other organisation can find pricing information here