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CLTN partnering in Enabling Water Smart Communities Programme 

Enabling Water Smart Communities (EWSC) is an innovation project exploring the relationship between integrated water management (IWM) and housing development in England and Wales. CLTN along with social and private sector  developers are collaborating with leaders in the water industry  to unlock new opportunities for cross-sector delivery, policy change and innovative technology to water efficiency

The challenges facing water and housing delivery are increasingly linked. Across England and Wales we are seeing more frequent severe flooding, droughts, and impacts on water quality. Current projected housing growth could increase demand on water and wastewater services to an unsustainable position, as well as significantly impact the wider environment.

The EWSC programme is currently in its initial discovery phase. Working with academics from the Universities of Manchester and East Anglia, sustainability experts and professionals from both the water and housing sectors, this phase is identifying  barriers, enablers and opportunities to accelerate the uptake of IWM throughout new housing delivery.

CLTN recently participated in a two day research workshop exploring and developing shared understanding between diverse stakeholders, ranging from OFWAT, industry suppliers and contractors, environmental campaigners and industry leaders. Much of the discussion focused  on understanding the meaning of community in relation to water and  how different communities and professionals value water. There was consensus that achieving sustainable development in both the housing and water sectors requires regulatory and behavioural change, and a greater sense of community ownership of our water assets

To find out more visit the EWSC website, where you can find all the information about the project as well as news, updates and outputs

Watch out for the article on the EWSC website on Implementing successful SuDS, detailing how the government is implementing policy to make Sustainable Drainage Systems mandatory in all new developments

The project is funded through the Ofwat Water Breakthrough Challenge Fund – Transform Stream. The Transform Stream aims to spark ambitious innovation and enable new approaches to address the big challenges facing the water sector. 

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