Our draft response to the English planning consultation

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We are publishing our draft response to the Government’s NPPF consultation, and calling on our members to respond.

We have long campaigned for more supportive planning policy for CLTs.

We were delighted to see that our advocacy work late last year succeeded in getting these questions into the consultation, along with a draft definition of community-led development we had proposed.

Our research has shown that over half of councils in England and Wales support community led housing in some form. Many have specific planning policy – our former vice chair, Jo Lavis MRTPI, compiled some good examples in her guide to planning for community led housing.

But the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) for England is silent on the matter, and is of little help to CLTs.

We are now publishing our draft response to help our members submit their own responses. We would also be really interested in other ideas to strengthen the NPPF. So we call on you to…

This is a big opportunity for the CLT movement. Just having a definition of community-led development in the NPPF will embolden councils to adopt supportive local policies. Our proposals would further tip the balance in favour of CLTs – whether you’re building much-needed affordable homes in a national park, wanting to be involved as part of a larger development, or looking to convert underused buildings on your high street. Our proposals would help get land into your hands, and at a price that is compatible with providing real community benefit.

So what are you waiting for? Get stuck in!