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Tuesday 06 March 2018

We are very excited to unveil our updated map of all the Community Land Trusts in England and Wales. It is the result of data collection efforts spanning the past nine months, and we hope that it will become a useful tool for members or anyone looking to get involved with a CLT. The map shows the incredible successes of the movement, and the growing presence of CLTs across the country.

The data you see on the map represents the most updated knowledge of the CLT movement. You can see the hundreds of different groups working to create affordable homes in their communities.

  • 41 groups have completed schemes across the country, each of which is now a flourishing development that people call home
  • 72 are looking for a site of their own or applying to purchase one
  • 44 are currently planning their schemes

These hundreds of total groups represent a rapidly growing movement of communities working to take housing into their own hands.

This map provides two layers of CLT information.

  • The first marks each organisation by development stage, so you can see how far along the groups are. The five stages to creating a CLT are explained in the graphic. Getting to see at a completed CLT (Live Stage) is a great way to get inspiration for a scheme of your own!
  • The second codes the CLTs by hub membership. Enabling hubs do amazing work to help make groups in their region successful. People interested in starting their own CLT may want to take a look at what hub is active in their region, and reach out to them for assistance. Existing groups can also benefit from the technical expertise hubs provide! Find contact information for each hub here.

There is so much more to learn about each CLT on our map! You can see links to their websites or Facebook accounts, who their local authority is, and their postcode. We hope that this map will make it easy to visit and contact CLTs near you. This is a great starting point to getting involved or just learning more about CLTs from the people who run them. It’s also a wonderful tool for CLT members to connect with each other to share ideas and give advice.

Don’t see your organisation on this map? Have you started a new stage of development and want to update your status? Contact us here and we’ll make sure your information on this map is as up-to-date as possible.

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