CLTs must be exempt from the Right to Buy

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We have called on the government to clearly and unambiguously exempt Community Land Trusts from the Right to Buy.

We have written to the Housing Minister following the Prime Minister’s announcement on the 9th June that the government intends to roll out a Right to Buy with discounts to all housing association tenants.

Under the existing voluntary scheme, Community Land Trusts enjoy discretion not to offer the Right to Buy. Those partnering with housing associations can ensure the same discretion is applied.

Keeping low rent homes affordable in perpetuity is central to the CLT concept – it’s a key motivation for the volunteers, a winning argument with landlords, and a statutory duty for the CLT.


CLTs affected

Built homes at risk

Future homes at risk

We have written to Stuart Andrew MP, the minister for housing, reminding him of this discretion and urging him to ensure that there is a more clear and full exemption from any new Right to Buy scheme.

We have also urged the government to fully exempt CLTs from leasehold enfranchisement in future legislation. This would underpin the ability of CLTs to protect all affordable homes – low rent, shared ownership and others.

Our members can read a full briefing on the current protections and risks to their affordable homes in our Affordable Housing Handbook on our member resources page.