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Celebrating the CLT movement

As part of our Annual General Meeting on Saturday, 26 November, we held our annual CLT Awards.

A word about geese

We award the winners of the CLT awards with a wooden goose and ‘honk’ to show our approval.

This is to reflect on the spectacular sight of geese flying together in a V formation. Each bird flies slightly above the bird in front of them, reducing wind resistance and take take turns being the leader.

Just as the birds fly together to chart the path and make it easier for those after them, individual CLTs and their leaders inspire and motivate others. In the CLT movement, CLTs take turns to lead, to support others, and the others ‘honk’ encouragement to the leader.

And all this means we can all carry on delivering on the things our communities want and need for longer! 

And the winners are … 

Expand each category below to learn about the categories and the winners! 

All about community - Hastings Commons CLT

The All About The Community award celebrates how CLTs involve, engage with, and are deeply rooted in their community. People power is at the heart of the CLT movement and the CLTs that were nominated this year are no exception!

The overall aim for this year’s winning CLT is to build social wealth by providing stable, affordable spaces and homes, preserve the community’s built and cultural heritage, foster connections with other communities, and encourage creativity and the exchange of ideas. Their tagline is regeneration without gentrification.

We were impressed by their efforts this year with varied communications and exciting events, including their “Commoner’s Rock” event, which invited members, tenants and associates to celebrate their progress, explore their building and connect together over films, food and showcases. These efforts have created a big increase in membership from all parts of the community. 

And the winner is … Hastings Commons CLT!

Image of people sitting in Hastings Commons CLT's common room. People are sat on sofas and armchairs. The room has bunting hanging from the ceiling and colourfully knittted blankets draped over the sofas. It looks cosy and lively Image shows groups of people talking and laughing standing in an alley by a Hastings Commons project

Previous winners

  • 2022 | Newton and Noss CLT
  • 2021 | Swansea Cohousing

Beautiful Community Led Homes - Broadwindsor Group Parish CLT

When communities are in charge of designing and building homes the likelihood of homes being just right for that place grows immensely.

The winner has built 15 affordable rented homes which were completed in partnership with Abri Group this summer. We were impressed with the group’s community involvement project during the construction phase called Homemaking which saw a beautiful artwork created by a local artist.

The site includes an old oak tree which was saved from felling by incorporating it into the design. By paying respect and having sensitivity to existing landmarks like a chapel and village hall, the homes truly fit their rural village setting.

We were impressed that smaller details were included like hedgehog boxes, bat boxes, plant markers all made from reclaimed materials, all adding to the character of the development…

And the winner is … Broadwindsor Group Parish CLT!

Previous winners

  • 2022 | Bradwell CLT
  • 2021 | Keswick Community Housing Trust

Can't Stop, Won't Stop - Morag Robertson and Jill Block, St Ives CLT

The Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop award is about individual achievement. Celebrating the people whose passion is such a driving force and inspiration to others. Or the unsung heroes who consistently go the extra mile, doing vital work behind the scenes.

CLTs are a people powered movement and in 2023 we saw a huge number of movers and shakers nominated.

The CLT movement is full of inspirational people, and this list highlights some amazing leaders – people who’ve worked hard to empower people in their communities, and people who’ve been inspiring to their team and wider community. Narrowing it down this year to one winner was impossible – so we’ve had to choose two! 

These two people have been recognised for their extraordinary determination and staying power as chair and secretary of their CLT. Consultation, inclusivity and a very warm welcome to all, underpin all of their efforts. The CLT under their leadership had the stupendous achievement in seeing off interest from the property speculators in securing in 2019 a notable historic building, the Old Vicarage Flats, in the centre of their town. 

These two have steered the CLT through covid, keeping up morale, never giving in, despite set-backs in funding and local political support.

And the winner is ….  Morag Robertson and Jill Block from St Ives CLT!


Previous winners

  • 2022 | Fran Ryan, Oxfordshire CLT
  • 2021 | Rosemary Heath Coleman, Queen Camel CLT
  • 2019 | Monica King, Bridport CoHousing
  • 2018 | Liz Maunder, Norton Sub Hamden

What a wonderful world - Lune Valley CLT

This award celebrates a CLT that recognises the importance of sustainability, especially at a time marked by such drastic climate breakdown. The CLT movement can – and is – delivering projects of huge importance, together we can set the standard for the way future homes need to be built and renovated.

This year’s winning CLT partnered with South Lakes Housing Association and this year all residents moved into these 13 rented and 7 shared ownership affordable homes. 

We were impressed by the detailed though that has gone into their sustainability and ecological benefits:

  • homes are built to National space standards + 5%, and Passivhaus energy standard
  • beautiful pedestrian street and communal spaces which are set to become the heart of the scheme driving connection and neighbourhood
  • Electric Vehicle chargers have been installed to help all with the net zero transition

We were impressed that during construction and since, they’ve shared their experience throughout the sector, to help others build their own warm affordable homes for local people.

We agree that low bills, near zero carbon emissions and happy occupiers is a win, win, win for all.

And the winner is … Lune Valley CLT!

Previous winners

  • 2022 | Swaffham Prior CLT
  • 2021 | Hook Norton CLT
  • 2019 | South Downs Eco CLT

Congratulations to all winners and nominees! 

What a whirlwind year it has been for CLTs – and isn’t it amazing to see all that the movement has accomplished and will accomplish? Check out the other nominees in each category to get some inspiration for what a CLT could make happen in your own community.

Nominees – Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

– Andrew Bibby, Calder Valley CLT
– Dave Smith, London CLT
– Fran Ryan, Oxfordshire CLT

Nominees: Beautiful Community Led Homes

– Bradwell CLT
– Bridport Cohousing CLT
– Heart of Hastings CLT with Hastings Commons
– London CLT / Citizens House (Lewisham)

Nominees – All about community

– Bristol CLT
– Forest CLT
– Kensington Fields CLT
– Newton and Noss CLT

Nominees – What a wonderful world

– London CLT / Cable Street (Shadwell)
– Middle Marches CLT
– Plymouth Energy Community
– Stourbridge CLT
– Swaffham Prior CLT