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Every year we celebrate the stars of the CLT movement – the CLTs, individuals and schemes going above and beyond.

Nominations are now open! Some awards are for CLTs;  others are for individuals or for schemes. You can nominate anyone and any CLT, including your own CLT and yourself too. Make as many nominations in as many different categories as you want. You just need to click the link and complete a separate form for each nomination and tell us in less than 200 words why you are nominating. And for ‘Beautiful Homes’ send us a picture!

The deadline is Sunday 14 November at 5.00pm

The winners will be announced at the Community Land Trust Network Annual General Meeting on Saturday 20 November 2021.

The Award Categories

Can’t stop, won’t stop

for individual achievement

Beautiful homes

design & build

When life gives you lemons

innovation and tenacity


inolved, engaged and locally rooted



The Award Categories Criteria

Can’t stop, won’t stop 

This award is about individual achievement. Do you know someone whose passion is a driving force for their community land trust? This could be an unsung hero, going the extra mile for their group, behind the scenes doing the vital invisible work.  Or someone putting themselves out there, rallying everyone, getting people in the room – and their determination to bring about real change is infectious.

Volunteers are the backbone of community land trusts, so this is one award that could go to many, but we only have one. Whose efforts would you like to be recognised?

Nomination: name of person plus no more than 200 words explaining why this person deserves the award

Beautiful community led homes

When communities are in charge of designing and building homes the likelihood of homes being just right for that place grows immensely. In the last couple of years we’ve seen many CLTs topping out. Which CLT would you like to nominate for beautifully designed and built homes that fit into their place? Homes must have been completed in the last 3 years in this category.

Nomination: name of CLT scheme plus photo and no more than 200 words explaining why this scheme deserves the award

When life gives you lemons 

CLTs are born problem solvers! This award celebrates innovation and tenacity. How has your CLT managed to overcome barriers to getting homes built? Has you CLT worked out any ‘out of the box’ solutions to help to build a stronger community.  We know that CLTs do amazing work to bring their projects to fruition, we’d love to hear about how your CLT has solved problems – please do consider nominating your CLT for this!

Nomination: name of CLT plus no more than 200 words explaining why this CLT deserves the award

All about community

This award celebrates how CLTs involve, engage with, and are deeply rooted in their community. People power is at the heart of the CLT movement and a CLT that is deeply rooted in their local community is a CLT worth recognising for their efforts. Have you been impressed by a CLT’s community organising and engagement? Nominate them! 

Nomination: name of CLT plus no more than 200 words explaining why this CLT deserves the award

What a wonderful world 

This award celebrates a CLT that recognises the importance of sustainability especially at a time of such drastic climate breakdown. Have you come across a group or scheme that has impressed you with its consciousness design and application? Are there any CLTs that are inspirations to others in their eco conscious measures? Please do nominate a CLT that has embedded environmentally friendly measures in their project.

Nomination: name of CLT plus no more than 200 words explaining why this CLT deserves the award