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Working with others across the community led housing movement.

Working with others is at the core of our ethos. As well as working with our members across England and Wales, we also work closely with a number of strategic partners to both support CLTs and community led housing schemes and to improve the environment in which they operate.

Since 2018 we have worked closely with 3 national partners – the Confederation of Co-operative Housing, Locality and the UK Cohousing Network – to develop and ensure support for all kinds of local community housing schemes. Many community led housing schemes are CLTs, but they may also be cohousing, cooperative schemes, self build or other forms of community led housing. The motivations for groups are remarkably similar: normal people want to create a better way of living for themselves and others.

Taking on the system and doing something new is hard. Community Led Homes is our joint effort to make community led housing as easy as possible for those that want to do it. At the heart of this support is a network of local and regional Enabler Hubs. Local community led housing schemes can get direct technical and development help from these hubs.

There is power in numbers. Together we will work to help community led housing become a mainstream housing option.