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Become a CLT Peer Researcher

CLTs have a positive impact on communities up and down the country.

But we know that some groups are under-represented in the movement.

Could you be at the centre of making the movement more diverse and inclusive?

Work at the forefront of the CLT movement’s research into the important question of diversity and inclusion. Supported by the Young Foundation, Peer Researchers will interview CLT leaders and members to hear their views. The insights they gather will be used to create a report that identified the barriers to greater diversity and inclusion in the CLT movement and suggests ways to overcome them.

In addition to receiving high quality training and support throughout the process, you will be paid a Real Living Wage for your time, up to 40 hours total between January and March 2022. Please direct any questions to [email protected].

Learn more and apply below! The deadline for applications is 13th December.