CLT Umbrellas and technical advisers

CLT Umbrellas are regional bodies that provide support to the CLTs in their surrounding counties. In essence, they provide advice on legal, technical, financial and social issues that arise for CLTs, where the organisation may not have the experience to solve them alone. There are also a number of Technical advisers that provide support through our Start-up Fund.

CLT Umbrellas

CLT Umbrellas are regional or sub-regional intermediary organisations that provide one-to-one technical support for emerging and developing CLTs throughout their journey. They also broker relationships with Housing Association or developer partners and Local Authorities, among other stakeholders. 

CLT Umbrellas are currently found in half the country. Below is a list of regional Umbrellas and the details you can use to contact them:

South West
Cornwall CLT
Contact Helen Downing, Development Manager Cornwall CLT: or tel 01872 243554

Devon, Dorset and Somerset 
Wessex Community Assets 
Contact: Steve Watson or 01749 346954 / 07767 238665

Wiltshire and Gloucestershire
Wiltshire Community Land Trust 
Contact: Anna Maloney, or 07985 407 762. Ian Crawley, or 01453 834 822.

East of England
Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Essex
CLT East
CLT East can offer telephone and e-mail support to communities interested in setting up CLTs in the East of England
Contact: Debbie Wildridge on 07703 814 581 

Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Rutland 
Lincolnshire CLT
Contact: John Mather, or 01790 756794 


CLT Technical Advisers

We have a number of technical advisers that provide support through our Start-up Fund. See the list below:

C20 Futureplanners
C20 Futureplanners is a group of land economists and spatial planners focussing on sustainable development and regeneration. Their co-founder Stephen Hill is a chartered Planning and Development Surveyor who has been working on the development of CLTs since 1989. He is also an enabler for the Chartered Association of Building Engineers.
Stephen is based in London and the South East.

Stephen Hill
Tel: 07795 813080

Resonance is an organisation that assists social enterprises with their development strategies. They help partner social enterprises with investors that match their values, helping them secure funding and get investment ready. Kate Aiken has worked with a number of community groups including CLTs helping them to achieve their aims for their local community. She has experience working with the Affordable Homes Rental Fund, helping CLTs to secure the local housing need.

Kate Aiken
Tel: 0161 883 1720

Community Land Use
CLU support community-led development, regeneration and sustainability. They have led the way in green building and can particularly help with asset development and property management. Community Land Use are based in London and the South East.

Lorraine Hart
Tel: 07971 185594

Cornwall CLT
Cornwall Community Land Trust Ltd started out life at the Cornwall Community Land Trust Project, a nationally acclaimed pilot scheme in rural affordable housing. They provide technical assistance to local community groups and have delivered 11 housing projects since 2009. Helen Downing is the Development Manager of Cornwall CLT.

Helen Downing
Tel: 01872 243554

CLT East
Foundation East is a membership organisation that lends up to £100,000 to start-up and growing enterprises in the East of England; they lent to over 140 businesses in 2013 alone. Foundation East aim to help businesses overcome financial hurdles and grow their enterprise. Foundation East can help Community Land Trusts to acquire assets and build new properties. Debbie Wildridge is a CLT Manager who provides early-stage support to communities in the East of England.

Debbie Wildridge
Tel: 01284 757 775

Jon Watson Consulting
Jon Watson Consulting provide services that encompass the social and environmental sustainability of communities, from design development to urban extension and planning zero carbon communities. Jon Watson is a qualified architect and planner, and worked for a large housing association before establishing Jon Watson Consulting, based in the North East.

Jon Watson
Tel: 01434 600236

Lincolnshire CLT
LCLT is the umbrella organisation supporting the work of Community Land Trusts across Lincolnshire and the East Midlands – promoting sustainable communities through community ownership of affordable housing and local facilities. John Mather is a member of the LCLT Board and an LCLT Facilitator.

John Mather
Tel: 01790 756794

Wessex Community Assets
Wessex CA is another CLT Umbrella, working in the counties of Somerset, Devon and Dorset. They provide support for affordable housing, through the Wessex Community Land Trust Project. Wessex CA are working with a range of partners to develop innovative social enterprise initiatives in the areas of renewable energy, sustainable food and low cost workspace. Steve Watson has been leading Wessex CA’s CLT work and has a strong background in housing.
Tel: 01749 346954
Andy Lloyd (North of England)
Prior to 2008 Andy was the Rural Housing Enabler for Dorset Community Action providing parish housing needs surveys and helping two early CLT communities get started. From February 2008 to March 2013 he worked as the CLT Officer for Cumbria employed by Cumbria Rural Housing Trust which led to 18 homes being developed by Lyvennet Community Trust, 37 by Keswick Community Housing Trust and support for Witherslack and Skelwith & Langdale CLTs. Andy is now freelance providing full business planning and project development for communities. Currently he is project managing a self funded development for Helsington CLT, and helping communities in Braithwaite, Ulverston and Carlisle to get schemes off the ground, as well as providing advice and support for organizations further afield. Up to 2015 Andy was a board member of the National CLT Network and was a consultee for the Community Land Trust Handbook.
Andy Lloyd
Tel: 07525635692

Independent Advisors


Ian Crawley
Tel: 01453 834822

Tom Archer (based in the North/North West)

Tel: 01138 150605

John Earnshaw
Tel: 01226 390093

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