Purpose and approach

The National CLT Network is the official charity supporting Community Land Trusts in England and Wales.

The National CLT Network provides funding, resources, training and advice for CLTs and work with Government, local authorities, lenders and funders to establish the best conditions for CLTs to grow and flourish.

The National CLT Network was established in September 2010 and initially hosted by the National Housing Federation. It became a registered charity in June 2014. Download our constitution to understand how we work.

You can read the latest in our Report of the Trustees and Statement of Financial Activities for 2018/19.

Our previous year's reports for earlier years can also be found at the bottom of the page.  

The National CLT Network is a membership body made up of CLTs and organisations from across the country. We work on behalf of CLTs and in turn, our members shape and govern our work. From just £49 for the year, we welcome you to get involved with one of the most innovative movements in housing.

We are also part of a broad alliance of organisations promoting and supporting community-led housing in the UK.

Our vision: 

We want to see a Community Land Trust in every community that wants one.

How we do it:

Lobbying and campaigning

This is the main focus of our work. CLTs need certain ingredients to succeed – funding, a supportive policy framework, the right level of regulation and political support at all levels. We work with national and local politicians, policy makers and funders to create the right environment for CLTs.

We are currently running a major advocacy campaign, asking Government to make CLTs a vital solution to the housing crisis, and have achieved a number of significant campaigning successes. That includes the £60 million funding for CLTs and community-led housing announced in the Spring Budget 2016, an exemption for CLTs from the Voluntary Right to Buy, a one year exception to the 1% rent cut, £25m of capital grant funding for CLTs in the 2011-2015 HCA’s Affordable Homes Programme, and £14m revenue funding to March 2015.

Raising awareness

We want more people to know what a CLT is and be compelled to set one up. We do that by promoting CLTs and what they offer through the media, working with partner organisations and holding events. That includes our new introductory film to CLTs

Ensuring CLTs have access to the right support and advice

We want to support CLTs at every stage of their journey to succeed and do that by providing:

  • Initial stage signposting and guidance for anyone interested in setting up a CLT. More information is also available through the Community Led Homes website - this is a programme we have developed with our partners the Confederation of Co-operative Housing, Locality and UK Cohousing;
  • Grants to set up and develop a CLT;
  • Resources for CLTs, including the CLT Handbook, financial and legal toolkits and best practice examples;
  • Support for enablers (Enabler hubs and other technical advisors) in their work with CLTs;
  • Bespoke Member training;
  • Events, including peer learning events - we believe that the real experts are the CLT volunteers who have done it before: our See it and Believe it programme linked new and established CLTs to learn from one another. More events will be delivered in 2019 through the Community Led Homes programme. 



Next Steps