Cohesive Communities Fund

What is the Cohesive Communities Fund?

The Cohesive Communities Fund (CCF), backed by M&G Investments and Power to Change seeks to unlock the skills and capacity within the Community Land Trust (CLT) movement by providing financial and practical support through grants and training.

  • Funding: Successful groups have been awarded a grant of up to £15,000 to increase capacity and outreach.

  • Technical support: Successful groups have also been awarded 10 days of support from an expert in the field. 

  • Residential events: Finally, the successful groups will be invited to residential support and training events. Over the three days, they will build meaningful relationships with others in the community land trust movement and receive training on everything from lobbying and community organising to housing and land policy. 

  • Sector ambassadors: In addition to the group support, the Network will provide spokesperson training for selected people who will then be presented with opportunities to speak at events and conferences across England and Wales.


Why we're running the CCF

CLTs are in a unique position to promote and embody community cohesion. We'll work to enable groups to overcome the barriers to engagement in making their CLT reflect the community they’re within. A CLT striving towards this holds more legitimacy and power, making it strategically important as well. 

The community led housing movement we want to see promotes, enables and facilitates cohesion between people from different backgrounds and communities in making a neighbourhood, town and society work for everyone. The CCF helps us move towards and strengthen this vision.

Who’s working on it?

Polly Adams-Felton, Project Manager

Polly joined the National CLT Network in July 2017. She came to the network from a career in audit in the third sector, working with a wide variety of charities. Before this she worked in research for an investment management firm after achieving her Master’s degree in Art Business from Sotheby’s Institute of Art. Polly is responsible for the oversight and coordination of the CCF project, particularly funding and grants. 

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