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This map provides an overview of CLT activity in England and Wales with green highlighting completed schemes, and orange showing those in development. Getting to see at a completed CLT is a great way to get inspiration for a scheme of your own. There are 253 Community Land Trusts in England and Wales, and including new groups forming the number is over 300. There are 935 CLT homes and an estimated 5000 more in the pipeline, so there is a lot of great work to get involved in across the country!

Don’t see your organization on this map? Have you recently completed your project and want to update your status? Contact us here and we’ll make sure your information on this map is as up-to-date as possible.

Find out more about some of the CLTs you see on the map below!

  • Above Derwent CLT

Above Derwent CLT was established in 2016, aiming to provide homes for young people and families priced out of their village in the heart of the Lake District. They hope to help people who work in the area, but cannot afford to live there. They're currently looking at two potential sites.

  • Angmering CLT

Angmering CLT has been in existence since 2013 and is currently forming itself into a Community Benefit society. Angmering Parish Council is sponsoring the CLT and guiding it through its early stages of formation. The CLT hopes to focus on providing affordable housing within the parish and aims to provide community facilities in the future.


  • Beer Community Land Trust Ltd

Beer CLT was set up in 2013 and completed their scheme of 7 homes in February 2015, in just under 2 years.

The CLT is now considering a second housing project and other community projects such as a community shop, sheltered accommodation and support services. The 100+ Members come from a broad section of the community and are of all ages.


  • Bournemouth 2026     

Bournemouth 2026 is a strategic partnership that works with the voluntary and community sector, public and private sectors to ensure that Bournemouth will thrive in the future. In the last few years it has become a Community Development Trust and Community Land Trust. It’s first scheme of 9 x two and 1 x three bedroom homes at Gladstone Mews was completed in 2014.


  • Brampton and Beyond Community Trust           

Brampton and Beyond is a Community Trust idevelopment Trust and a community membership company operating in Brampton and the surrounding rural area in north East Cumbria. It is about to take ownership of a former school site and hopes to provide an Extra Care housing development on part of the site.


  • Bristol CLT         

Bristol Community Land Trust seeks to open up opportunities for acquiring and developing land for its members and strives to promote the cause of self-organised housing across Bristol city. It aims to nurture and support locally focussed community land trusts whilst developing environmentally sustainable, affordable housing. Bristol CLT is currently working on two projects, at 325 Fishponds Road, which broke ground in March this year, and in Sheldon Road. 

Facebook: BristolCLT - Twitter: @bristolclt


  • Brighton & Hove Community Land Trust             

Brighton & Hove Community Land Trust is made up Brighton area residents strongly interested in community-led housing.

With plans to act as an umbrella for the city, Brighton & Hove CLT are working in partnership with the Local Authority, housing organisations and community groups, and aim to steward land for a variety of co-operative, co-housing, community development and sustainable community-led projects.

Twitter: @BaHCLT         


  • Broadhempston Community Land Trust             

Broadhempston CLT is a Community Interest Company (CIC) set up in 2012, which aims to enable local people with a housing need to self-build 6 affordable eco-houses. The CLT has now  purchased the land and started the development. The residents will own 25% of the equity in their house by virtue of having put in the labour (sweat equity) to build it.

Twitter: @BCLT_selfbuild - Facebook:BroadhempstonClt


  • Calder Valley CLT           

Calder Valley CLT is focussed on the towns of Todmorden, Hebden Bridge, Mytholmroyd and neighbouring areas in the Metropolitan Borough of Calderdale.

They intend to undertake development and hold land for the purpose of the provision and management of housing (including social housing). 

Facebook: Calder Valley CLT - Twitter: @CVCLT      


  • Cambridge Living Future Community     

Cambridge Living Future Community in Cambridge aims to create an eco-village and a shared space to live, work and play that benefits the wider community and environment as well as residents.

They aim to build 20-80 low carbon homes with prices linked to build costs and not market values. They aim to keep build costs a minimum by using appropriate technology, local sustainable materials, and volunteer efforts. Facebook: Cambridge Living Future Community 


  • Camley Street Neighbourhood Forum   

Camley Street Neighbourhood Forum in North London, aims to promote the social, economic and environmental well being of this business and residential area.

It is currently developing a Neighbourhood Plan and looking at the CLT approach to deliver their ambitions for housing.


  • Chagford Community Trust       

Chagford Community Trust (CCT) in the north-east edge of Dartmoor in Devon, was established to help maximize the community benefit arising from a planned major development in the town.

They are hoping to gain ownership of the freehold of the Affordable Housing part of the development via a Section 106 Agreement.

Facebook: Chagford Community Trust - Twitter: @ChagfordCT


  • Cherwell Community Land Trust             

Cherwell CLT is a district-wide CLT formed out of an initiative of Cherwell District Council. It expects to take ownership of its first 79 homes for affordable rent and shared ownership homes in 2015. It also aims to work with local communities who want to develop affordable housing and other community assets.              


  • Cleeve Prior Neighbourhood Development Group          

Cleeve Prior Neighbourhood Development Group in Worcestershire aims to protect the village and the rural lifestyle in the face of imposed development.

It is developing a Neighbourhood Development plan, and aims to plan and develop homes for young locals.

Twitter: @CPPCCleevePrior    


  • Constatine CLT

Constantine CLT was formed as a sub-group within Transition Constantine in 2014, and in early 2015 branched out on its own, opening membership and electing a Board of Directors. Primary aims of the CLT are to provide local needs affordable housing, and small office/workshop space for local businesses.


  • Cornwall CLT    

Cornwall CLT was established in April 2006. It is an Umbrella CLT that supports local CLTs and also develops its own CLT homes.

  • Fynnon Teilo Farm        

Fynnon Teilo Farm CLT is based in Carmarthenshire    


  • Granby4Streets

Granby4Streets was formed in 2011 to tackle long term dereliction in Liverpool and bring much loved Victorian terraced housing back into use.

In 2014 Liverpool City Council transferred 10 homes from their ownership to the CLT, and these are due for completion this year. The CLT also runs a street market.


  • Great Staughton Parish Council

Great Staughton Parish Council in East Cambridgeshire aims to build affordable houses in the parish.

They are being supported by CLT East, have already assessed the local need for housing and are in discussions with landowners.


  • Heart of Hastings CLT

Heart of Hastings CLT has already purchased a 9-storey office block which is being converted into mixed-use, capped-rent space with three floors of affordable residential and 6 floors of affordable creative workspace. The aim of the project is to protect affordability and diversity (and therefore the character of the area) through rent stability and Heart of Hastings CLT have three broad approaches to this: i) purchase properties into community freehold in order to control the rents in perpetuity ii) establish a Good Landlord Club so that landlords who sign up to rent stability get access to features such as good-value management and tenant finding services, plus potentially partnership mortgages which capture some of the uplift iii) increase the supply of affordable residential through bringing empty property into use (e.g. flats above shops). Heart of Hastings CLT is being established by a range of local partners including the White Rock Trust (a longstanding development trust that was behind the rescue of Hastings Pier), local business and landowners, Hastings Borough Council and the University of Brighton. 


  • High Bickington Community Property Trust        

High Bickington CPT formed in 2000 to develop a small-holding on the edge of the village. It has since completed a 3-phase development that includes 16 affordable homes, 23 open market homes, 6 work space units, a woodchip fuelled district heating system to serve the whole development and a new community building. The first phase of homes were occupied from 2012.

Facebook: High Bickington Community Centre - Twitter: @highbickcc


  • Holsworthy CPT

Holsworthy Community Property Trust (Homes for Holsworthy) is a CLT that was founded in 2005 to provide local affordable homes in Holsworthy and surrounding villages in Devon. It has developed a number of CLT projects in the area.

The Trust has also pioneered a “Do It Yourself Equity Ownership” (DIYEO) scheme which allows purchasers to choose their home on the open market, paying as much as they can afford. Homes for Holsworthy provides an equity mortgage to pay for the rest of the open market value.


  • Homebaked CLT             

Homebaked CLT is also a CLT an Co-Operative Bakery located on the high street in Anfield, Liverpool, just a few steps from Liverpool Football Club.

Homebaked CLT grew out of a Liverpool Bienial project called 2Up2Down. It was established in 2012 with the aim of refurbishing the bakery building to provide workspace for social enterprise and affordable housing.

Facebook: homebaked  - Twitter: @homebakedA 


  • Home Presteigne

Home Presteigne is a Cooperative organisation for housing. It was set up so that people of the Presteigne area could plan, build and refurbish sustainable and affordable homes for the future. Home Presteigne are currently preparing initial requirements for their first site, with a view to the construction of 2 affordable, sustainable 2-bed properties, within Presteigne.

Facebook - Islington Park Street Community Twitter - @islingtonparkst


  • Islington Park Street Community

"39 years of thriving social housing…" Islington Park Street is a diverse community of 18 people, located in the heart of London. The community operate on social housing principles, providing secure housing to low-income, single adults in housing need, who have a commitment to supportive communal living. The residents range in age from 19 to 80. They cook, eat and socialise together, make decisions together about how the house is run, and collectively provide care and support to those residents who are elderly or sick. The community is currently under threat of eviction from their landlord and were served with a Notice to Quit (NTQ) in June 2015.


  • Keswick Community Housing Trust        

Keswick Community Housing Trust in Cumbria was formed following a series of meetings to discuss the lack of truly affordable housing in the town. Holiday houses and second homes have resulted in grossly inflated house prices both to buy and in the rental market.

The first building project was completed in November 2013, when eleven three bedroomed properties were completed. They are currently exploring plans for a second scheme.


  • Lands End Peninsula CLT            

Lands End Penninsula CLT became a registered charity in 2011. It has just launched its first housing scheme, 6 x 2 bedroom houses in Pendeen. It aims to provide good quality, affordable housing and associated facilities, and resources such as workshops and community agriculture. It is mainly based in St Just-in-Penwith, on the West Coast of Cornwall, but also includes all the nearby villages in the Land’s End Peninsula.


  • Lavenham CLT  

Lavenham CLT in Suffolk was born out of a Neighbourhood Plan that clearly identified the need for affordable housing. The CLT was seen as the best way to own, help design and manage the process of providing more housing in this historic medieval town surrounded by an area of outstanding natural beauty.


  • Leeds Community Homes

Leeds Community Homes is currently in the process of setting up as a community benefit society to support the growth of the community-led housing sector in Leeds. Its aim is to carry out a range of activities which include: acquiring land and buildings to provide affordable housing through new-build and refurbishment, supporting other groups in Leeds to develop community-led projects to provide affordable housing, and raising finance - e.g. through community share issues - to support the development of affordable, sustainable, community-led housing. 


  • Leopold Park    

Leopold Park is a 2.4 hectare site at the south of Chapeltown which Leeds City Council intends to sell in the near future. Leopold Park CLT want to provide lost cost housing, a community centre, shared growing space and a sensory garden on the site. The project hopes to transform derelict land, an under-used playing field, a dilapidated day centre and run-down historic buildings into a vibrant urban village. 


  • Lincolnshire CLT

Lincolnshire CLT is the regional umbrella support service for CLTs across Lincolnshire and surrounding counties. In March 2015 Wilsford CLT and Pinchbeck CLT, both supported by Lincolnshire CLT, opened their newly completed housing developments in March 2015. Ten homes were provided in Wilsford and fourteen in Pinchbeck.

  • London CLT

London Community Land Trust exists to deliver genuinely and permanently affordable homes that are priced according to local wages, meaning people are no longer priced out of the neighbourhoods they call home. London CLT have delivered their first CLT homes at the St Clement's development in Mile End, and are also working on a second development in Lewisham.; Twitter: @LondonCLT

  • Luxulyan CLT      

Luxulyan CLT in Cornwall was formed in December 2010 and manages 10 affordable homes  which were developed as part of a S106 agreement. It aims to become involved in other projects concerning other assets and benefits for the local community.


  • Lyme Regis CLT

Lyme Regis CLT aims to facilitate the provision of affordable housing in Lyme Regis, Dorset. In April 2015 it gained planning application approved for a development of 15 affordable homes, which is delivering in partnership with Yarlington Housing Association.


  • Lyvennet CLT

The CLT in the village of Lyvennet, Cumbria, has completed the construction of 12 houses. In addition, a further eight homes are available for self-build and plots are covered by local occupancy restrictions ensuring that the homes directly address the housing need for local residents. The CLT also initiated the development of The Butcher's Arms, Lyvennet's Community Pub. /


  • Marsh Gibbon Parish Council    

Marsh Gibbon Parish Council in Buckinghamshire is considering starting a CLT to enable the community to control the building and allocation of appropriate new homes in the village of 1,000 residents.


  • Middlesbrough CLT

Middlesbrough CLT was established by a group of local residents who care for their local area. The aim of the trust is to work with local people, initially in the Gresham and Middlehaven areas of the town, to revitalise communities and ensure that they thrive and remain a significant asset to the town. The CLT has already brought a number of empty properties back into use through successful grant applications and by working closely with the local Council and Endeavour Housing Association. They are keen to do more.


  • Naked House Community Builders         

Naked House is a Community Interest Company of 150 members, based in London. Currently looking to secure a site in London. They are keen to network with other CLTs in high density, urban areas.

Twitter: @NakedHouseCBFacebook: Naked House 


  • North Lancashire Community Land Trust            

North Lancashire CLT aims to make land and buildings available to the local community for affordable housing, work places, leisure, training, educational and community development purposes.   

They are currently facilitating the creation of a community growing facility on the field on Ashton Road, opposite De Vitre Cottages, which is owned by Lancashire Care NHS Trust.

  • Otley CLT

Otley CLT are looking to build 10-25 affordable, environmentally-sustainable homes, using a co-housing design. Their ambitions are to use natural building materials and to include an element of group self-build.

New members are very welcome to join the group and get involved in supporting or planning this project and others.

Website: - Facebook: OtleyCLT - Twitter: @OtleyCLT
  • Oxfordshire CLT             

Oxfordshire CLT was establish in 2004. In 2014 it secured planning permission for six flats for affordable rent. It is seeking other projects to provide more affordable housing in the Oxfordshire area.


  • Peninsula Villages CLT

Peninsula Villages CLT is a group of four villages, Bawdsey, Boyton, Hollesley and Shottisham, all are located on the Wilford Peninsula near Woodbridge Suffolk. The peninsula is in an area of outstanding natural beauty and the villages involved are all located near to the coast, subsequently there is a high proportion of second homes which has driven the average house price up dramatically. The four parish councils involved recognised the need for affordable housing to enable local people to live and work in their villages, making the future of these communities more sustainable.


  • Powys Community Well-being Action Group

Local people bringing together exciting wellbeing plans for the grounds of Bronllys Hospital, keeping the Community Hospital at their heart.

Facebook: Bronllys Park - Wellbeing Park


  • Rural Urban Synthesis Society Ltd (RUSS)            

RUSS is a CLT based in South East London. Their objective is to promote community self-build projects in unused land to regenerate empty, derelict property into sustainable social housing while enhancing the environment of London and its surrounding communities.

They are planning a self-build project in Ladywell, South-East London, and are currently going through the procurement process of a Lewisham council site.

Facebook: Rural Urban Synthesis Society - Twitter: @RUSSLewisham


  • Sixpenny Handley CLT

Sixpenny Handley Community Land Trust is a Community Benefit Society set up to provide affordable homes for local people.

Facebook: Six Penny Handley CLT - Twitter: @6DHCLT


  • Somerset Co-operative Community Land Trust

Somerset Co-operative CLT, based in Taunton, Somerset, aims to provide sustainable affordable housing and workspace for community enterprises. They see their main focus as being urban development where they add value to sites by mobilising volunteers and designing imaginative conversions.

They now own a property on East Reach in Taunton which is almost ready for tenants.  10 East Reach is a listed building and has considerable potential for additional uses on the substantial plot of land to the rear.

Facebook: Somerset CLT


  • South Brent CLT

South Brent CLT is a Community Interest Company, founded in 2013, which is situated on Dartmoor National Park. The CLT are nearing completion on a planning application for 14 self built, eco-sustainable, timber framed, straw bale, affordable homes for the local community. The CLT are also planning to be as off grid as possible, in order to provide sustainable and low cost utilities for the residents. The homes will be subject to a section 106 agreement and will remain affordable for generations of local residents. 

Facebook: South Brent CLT     Twitter: @SouthBrentCLT


  • South Petherton Parish Council

South Petherton Parish Council in South Somerset aims to investigate undertaking a small housing scheme for older and younger people in the village. They aim to form a board of directors comprising of villagers and councillors.


  • Stanford in the Vale Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group           

Stanford in the Vale is a large village within Oxfordshire with 1800 inhabitants. In 2013 the village community elected to produce a neighbourhood plan, forming a steering group and organising public meetings and drop ins. The group aim to create a Register of Assets listing the important buildings, landmarks and facilities of the village which need protecting.


  • St David’s Penninsula CLT          

St David’s Penninsula CLT in Pembrokeshire, Wales, hopes to build 118 homes on a site of 9 acres which has been designated for residential development in the city of St Davids.

They also intend to include a new swimming pool and café in the development.

They are led by a steering group of twelve and have held several public meetings to publicise plans for a CLT on the site. The most recent meeting was attended by 250 people and was well publicised in the local press.               


  • St Ives CLT 

St Ives CLT in Cornwall have recently been incorporated as a Community Benefit Society and are looking at a number of sites to develop housing and other community assets on. They are currently holding a number of public consultation events.      


  • St Minver CLT   

St Minver CLT in Rock, Cornwall, was the first Self Build CLT to complete a development in the UK. It has completed 20 homes in two stages in a highly expensive part of Cornwall, popular for second and holiday homes.      


  • Stockfield Community Association Trading Arm (SCATA)             

Stocksfield Community Association Trading Arm (SCATA) in Northumberland was established in 2012 and have recently completing the build of 7 affordable homes for rent to local people. It has another site in the pipeline.


  • Stow-on-the-Wold CLT            

Through an initiative by Ben Eddolls and Peter Minty, a group of local people are working together to start up a Community Land Trust in Stow. Two successful public meetings have been held and a Steering Group has been formed. Stow CLT has now incorporated as a CBS and is working on raising funds, agree criteria for meeting housing need, identifying possible sites for affordable homes, exploring planning issues and getting started on the long road to construction or refurbishment. 


  • Stretham & Wilburton CLT       

Stretham & Wilburton CLT aims to provide affordable housing for those living in the Stretham & Wilburton villages in Cambridgeshire. In Autumn 2014 it secured planning permission for a housing development of 50 new homes, 15 of which will be affordable to local people, as well a new GP surgery, small business workspaces and new public open spaces. 


  • Sussex CLT Umbrella Project

Sussex CLT Umbrella Project is a CLT Umbrella for Sussex. It provides hands on technical advice and support on the setting up and running of a CLT for communities in the county.

  • Sustainable Carlisle CLT Group

This CLT established in 2016, growing out of discussions between the community group Sustainable Carlisle, Cumbria Action for Sustainability, and Brampton and Beyond CLT. The group is looking at some small sites, and the potential for a new Garden Village for the city.

  • Thrift CLT for Soham     

Thrift CLT for Soham in Cambridgeshire hopes to take part in a housing development in Soham which will consist of 550-600 new homes. The CLT has evidence that there is a strong need in the town for affordable homes, small business workshops and community spaces.

  • Totnes Community Development Society

Totnes Community Developement Society is a not for profit company based in Totnes, Devon, that seeks to support the community in obtaining land, managing and imaginatively developing it, while also seeking to generate a social return on the time and money invested in these projects.


  • Transition Homes CLT   

Transition Homes CLT in Totnes, Devon, have purchased a 7 acre site in Dartington where they have plans to build 25 affordable and sustainable homes.

The houses will be a mixture of affordable rent and shared ownership, and will be constructed from natural, local materials, designed to be highly energy efficient.


  • The Venus Centre  

Venus is a Charity based in Bootle, Merseyside and provides a welfare service for young women. It also provides housing related support that enables clients to address homelessness and sustain tenancies and/or occupy a safe, suitable home.

  • Weaver Valley CLT

A community group seeking to facilitate community ownership of local assets.


  • West Kensington & Gibbs Green Community Homes Ltd             

West Kensington and Gibbs Green CLT was established in 2011 by the Chairs of the two Tenants and Residents Associations for the West Kensington & Gibbs Green Estates in Hammersmith and Fulham. It has nearly 700 members. The estates are part of the £12 billion Earl’s court redevelopment. Residents have been fighting demolition of their estates since 2009.

Facebook: West Kensington and Gibbs Green


  • West Rhyl Community Land Trust          

West Rhyl CLT is the first urban CLT in Wales and the first urban Housing Co-Operative (tenanted). It was founded in 2010 and incorporated as a CIC. They manage properties in partnership with North Wales Housing and are in the process of developing a Housing Co-Operative of 12 residential units in the centre of West Rhyl. 


  • West Somerset CLT

West Somerset CLT believes that a housing catastrophe is inevitable in the district unless truly affordable and sustainable housing is created with a local community stake permanently included. WSCLT is already working with Exmoor National Park and intends to contribute to the affordable housing need in the area. It intends to ensure energy, transport, food growing, well being and other sustainability issues are included in the design to enable residents to cope with the effects of climate change over the next century.

Facebook: West Somerset CLT


  • Wickham CLT   

Wickham CLT aims to provide affordable housing in Wickham, a Parish of just 4,200 in South Hampshire. In 2012 we took ownership of 8 homes – 4 for shared ownership and 4 for below market rental, plus a new surgery.


  • Wickhambrook CLT       

Wickhambrook CLT is a rural Suffolk village not far from Bury St Edmunds with an estimated population of 1,400. Wickhambrook Parish undertook a Parish Plan in 2011-12 and established a need for affordable housing, while retaining the rural nature in the village. House prices in the village around 5 times average earnings.


  • Wilton CLT        

Wilton CLT, based in Wiltshire, is involved in the development of Wilton Hill, a Ministry of Defence site formerly known as Erskine Barracks, in partnership with Redrow Homes and Our Enterprise. The site has outline planning permission for 450 homers. The CLT is currently involved in developing the plans for the site. 


  • Witchford Parish Council            

Witchford Parish Council near Ely, Cambridgeshire held a public meeting in October 2014 which identified a  need for affordable housing in Witchford.


  • Witherslack Community Land Trust       

Witherslack CLT operates in the Parish of Witherslack, Meathop and Ulpha, consisting of about 350 households in the southern end of the Lake District National Park. It is has developed and now manages two three-bed self-build homes.  It also bought the freehold of the village pub, which it holds in perpetuity. The pub also houses the community shop.

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