Our Associates

Our corporate partners

  • Ecology Building Society

Ecology Building Society support the development of community-led housing to provide affordable, sustainable accommodation in local communities. They offer bespoke mortgage facilities for CLTs and a package of mortgage discounts for buyers.

Contact: Jon Lee
Tel: 01535 650 774
Email: jlee@ecology.co.uk

Facebook: EcologyBS

Twitter: @EcololgyBS


  • Triodos Bank 

Triodos Bank only finances organisations that clearly benefit the community and the environment. It provides funding for development and long term retention of property for CLT’s. It offers innovative bespoke products for the CLT sector to overcome many of the problems they face.

Contact: Mark Ogden
Tel: 07789 986 579
Email: Mark.ogden@triodos.co.uk

Triodos also has a corporate finance team, which can help CLTs access finance. The team can help with tailored financial modelling for the CLT and its schemes, structuring schemes to best attract finance, and advising on how best to be investment ready including financial, governance, legal and operational matters. Triodos can also help CLTs secure junior investment to complement its own senior lending, structure and promote community share issues, and negotiate the commercial terms of other loan facility agreements.

Contact: Jeremy Pannell
Tel: 0117 980 9592
Email: jeremy.pannell@triodos.co.uk

Twitter: @triodosuk

Facebook: triodosbankuk


  • Wrigleys Solicitors

Wrigleys Solicitors are one of the leading specialist law practices outside of London and have been advising on community led housing projects since the mid-1980s. They are nationally regarded in this sector. Their property and social economy teams bring to bear deep expertise relevant to CLTs.They also provide a free legal advice line for 15 minute enquiries to all members of the National CLT Network.

Contact: Laura Moss - Laura.Moss@wrigleys.co.uk or 0113 204 1145.


  • Anthony Collins Solicitors

Anthony Collins Solicitors are a specialist law firm, with almost 25 years of experience in supporting community-led housing groups. They are able to offer CLTs expert advice on a wide range of issues, including governance and incorporation, land acquisition, and funding and share issues. They also provide a free legal advice line for 15 minute enquiries to all members of the National CLT Network.

Contact: Sarah Patrice - sarah.patrice@anthonycollins.com or 0121 214 3655.


Our associate members

  • Action with Communities in Rural Kent

Rural Kent provide a range of support services to help people in rural communities in the county to identify and address need. It has a particular focus on community-ownership of assets, economic development, housing and social inclusion agendas and is a member of the England-wide ACRE Network.


  • Castle Vale Community Housing Association

Castle Vale Community Housing Association (CVHA is based in Birmingham and manages 2,400 homes. It is resident led, and has a resident majority on the Bard, and a resident Chair. CVHA provide a wide range of community regeneration activities to support the sustainability of the estate, such as community development, an award-winning Community Safety service and initatives to tackle financial exclusion.


Contact: Peter Richmond
Tel: 0121 748 8142
Email: Peter.richmond@cvha.org.uk

Facebook: Castle Vale Community Housing Association 

  • CDS Cooperatives

CDS is a registered housing association with just under 1,000 owned properties and is the largest housing co-op agency in London and the South East where it provides a broad range of business and landlord services to 45 independent co-ops and their 2,200 residents.

CDS is committed to supporting the growth of the community-led housing sector, and recently agreed a formal collaboration with the National CLT Network and UK Cohousing. 

Contact: TalkToUs@cds.coop or 020 3096 7730


  • Charity Bank

Charity Bank is an ethical bank that exists to lend to organisations with a social purpose.

Our mission is to use loan finance to support charities and social enterprises, so you can be confident that we’ll work with you side-by-side.

You can apply for loans from £50,000 to £3.25 million.

Tel: 01732 441900
Email: enquiries@charitybank.org


Facebook: charitybank

Twitter: @CharityBank

Address: Fosse House, 182 High Street; Tonbridge, Kent; TN9 1BE. 

  • Cheshire Community Action

Cheshire Rural Community Council is the Rural Community Council for Cheshire. It aims to encourage and develop sustainable rural communities. It is a leading local organisation that supports Community Led Planning including Parish and Neighbourhood plans. It hosts a CLT Project Officer that provides support to CLTs in Cheshire.

www.cheshire action.org.uk

01606 350042


Twitter: C_C_A

Facebook: CheshireCommunityAction 

  • Community Impact Bucks

Community Impact Bucks is the Rural Community Council and Volunteer Centre for Buckinghamshire. They provide services throughout Buckinghamshire, are members of ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England) and are accredited as the Volunteer Centre for Buckinghamshire by National Council of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO).

They are interested in supporting CLTs in the county.


Contact Nick Phillips:

0300 111 1250


Twitter: @communitybucks

Facebook: /communityimpactbucks

  • Cornwall Rural Housing Association

The Cornwall Rural Housing Association is a charity which builds and manages affordable homes in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly to meet local housing needs. They currently own 346 homes, 330 for rent and 16 shared ownership homes, which are spread across 50 developments in 34 villages and on 4 islands.

CRHA played a key role in setting up Cornwall CLT in 2007, and has supported the establishment and development of numerous CLTs across the county. 

Contact: info@crha.org.uk or 01208 892000


  • Devon Rural Housing Partnership

Devon Rural Housing Partnership (DRHP) is a partnership of all the rural local authorities in Devon and 8 housing associations who develop affordable housing across Devon. DRHP funds 3 Rural Housing Enablers who are based at DCT and work across Devon to bring forward affordable housing projects. They have already worked with over 20 CLTs in Devon with 8 projects completed.


01392 248919




Twitter: @DevCommsTogether

Facebook: @devoncommuntiestogether

  • Stephen Cook Consulting

Stephen Cook has worked in the social housing and homelessness sectors for over 45 years in local authorities, a housing association, charities and social enterprises. He is currently Chair of the homelessness charity and social enterprise Emmaus Cambridge and is a non-executive director of Foundation East. 

  • Gloucestershire Rural Community Council

GRCC is an independent, Charitable Company, limited by guarantee.  We are committed to strengthening and working with Gloucestershire’s communities and representing them at local and national level to make sure they are heard.

We work in partnership with local and national organisations and with the communities we serve, and are part of a network of 38 Rural Community Councils across England, working under the umbrella of ACRE.


Contact: Lois Taylor

  • Hastoe Housing Association

Hastoe Housing Association was established in 1962, and now owns and manages over 7,000 homes in 62 local authority areas.  Their properties are predominantly rural and they specialise in providing sustainable and affordable rural housing to enable local people to remain within their communities. The homes they provide are spread between Cornwall and Devon in the West and Norfolk and Lincolnshire in the East – and all points between. 

Hastoe have worked with a number of CLTs in Somerset, Devon and Dorset.


  • igloo Community Builders

igloo Community Builders provides the step by step guidance needed to turn an idea into a reality.  We empower local people because we want to make a difference and we believe that when communities are actively involved in the regeneration of their area better, more sustainable neighbourhoods are created. 


  • North Star Housing Group

North Star Housing Group is a registered social landlord with 3,000 properties across the North East. They provide support to Middlesbrough CLT and manage properties on their behalf. They are keen to promote and develop the CLT model in other communities we work in.

Contact: Sally Thomas

01642 796 220



  • Parity Trust

Parity Trust is a finance organisation based in Hampshire and supports the development of Community Land Trusts through the provision of shared ownership mortgages on completed CLT homes.

Contact: SJ Hunt

02392 375 921


Twitter: @paritytrust


  • The Pioneer Group



  • Resi

Resi are the UK's first online architects. Resi use technology to produce accurate, affordable design packages for homeowners and property developers throughout the UK. This means they are able to provide their product up to 10 times cheaper and 10 times faster than traditional architects. Their team have completed over 750 projects since 2008 and they have extensive experience in residential design.


0208 068 4811




  • Resonance 

Resonance is a social impact investment company, which helps social enterprises raise capital from like-minded investors. It currently has around £150m under management, including in its Affordable Homes Rental Fund, which provides development capital and medium term finance to Community Land Trusts. It has also helped several CLTs to raise money through community share issues. 


0345 004 3432


  • Shropshire Housing Group

Shropshire Housing Group has, via the HCA, worked with 7 rural community led developments, building capacity, implementing innovation and delivering over 100 homes.

0300 303 1190



Facebook: SouthshropHA 

  • Social and Sustainable Capital

Social and Sustainable Capital is a social investment, which helps charities and social enterprises deliver sustainable solutions to social issues. It provides both secured and unsecured loans, and equity-type funding such as revenue participation notes. It manages a Community Investment Fund, a Third Sector Investment Fund, and a Reach Fund, and is committed to offering innovative financing solutions to ambitious charities and social organisations. 

Contact: info@socialandsustainable.com

Tel: 020 7554 0793


  • Wrigleys Solicitors LLP

Wrigleys is a specialist firm of solicitors, which has been advising on community-led housing developments since the 1980s, and has a leading reputation within the sector. They are able to offer advice on all aspects of CLT projects, including incorporation and governance, social investment, property law and commercial contracts. 

Wrigleys have developed a bespoke package of support for CLTs, and also offer a 10% on their usual hourly rates to all members of the National CLT Network. 

Contact: Laura Moss - laura.moss@wrigleys.co.uk or 0113 204 1145


  • Yarlington Housing Group

Yarlington Housing Group is a housing association that has partnered with CLTs with the aim of providing affordable housing in local communities in Yeovil, Somerset, including Norton Sub Hamdon CLT and Lyme Regis CLT.


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