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Photography Tender:

Help us show the world how Community Land Trusts are making a difference…..

Closing Date: No closing date. Applications will be considered as they come in and we will close the tender once (a) photographer/s appointed.

We need some new photos and so are looking for a number of photographers (or even a single photographer who can travel) to take photos in different parts of the UK.  This brief outlines what we need and how to apply if you are interested. We so hope you will be. 

About CLTs

Community Land Trusts are community organisations which are set up and run by ordinary people to develop and manage homes. Some CLTs also have developed and run other community owned assets such as community shops, pubs, halls etc. The majority, however, are homes where CLTs act as long-term stewards, ensuring that it remains genuinely affordable, based on what people actually earn in their area, not just for now but for every future occupier. 

There are CLTs up and down the country – in our cities and in rural areas. Thousands of people live in CLT homes and many are currently in the process of being built. Most often, CLTs create affordable housing which otherwise wouldn’t be built. CLT members are people who care about their community. They do this as volunteers so that other people will have access to housing and services. 


What kind of photos do we need?

We need a bank of photos from different parts of the country that we can use for various different purposes. Photos which capture the essence of community driven housing and other CLT activity – that this isn’t just about buildings and homes, but about communities, about places to live and share, not just reside. 

We need to show the diversity of people who live in and are involved in CLTs or might be. And also the diversity of the various types of CLH schemes. In some ways this is a real challenge; after all a building is a building. And for many CLTs their group activity will be in meetings which don’t make for exciting or evocative photos. 

So we need photographers who can deliver us a bank of photos that showcases amazing homes, portrays community and oozes positivity, can-do and delivery. Photos which show what difference the movement makes and how we create actual homes. Some will be posed – for example CLT members in meetings or group events, or outside CLT homes or facilities. But more than that we would like reportage style photos that show what difference CLTs have made – photos of schemes being built, particularly including people who might live in them; people living in their homes; groups of people together in community activities. So we need a photographer who is good with people and can find creative ways to show community, positivity and that CLTs are making a difference to areas and people’s lives throughout the country. 

Here are some photos we like to give an idea of the kind of thing we are looking for. 


What we need to commission

We need photos from the following areas: 

North of England likely to be up to 5 projects between Leeds, Liverpool and Greater Manchester and 1 in Middlesbrough. 

Midlandslikely to be a project in Nottingham and 1 in Leicestershire. 

South Westlikely to be a project in Plymouth, 1 in St Ives and 1 in Truro. 

London and the South East likely to be up to 3 projects in London, 1 in Oxfordshire and 1 in Cambridgeshire 


The maximum budget available for each project is up to £500 inclusive of all expenses and VAT. The exact locations within the regions may change depending on which CLTs are available to be photographed. 

We need a photographer for each of these areas. We are happy to commission the same photographer for multiple areas – or even one for all the photos – although we do not have additional budget to cover travel costs. 

We will make the initial introductions to the projects we want you to photograph, but making the arrangements, liaison etc will be your responsibility. We will want you to work with the projects to make sure we have as good a spread of people, activities and homes (at various stages) in the photos as is possible. 

Clearly, the work will need to be undertaken in covid safe way. You may be asked to wear a mask at all times when meeting with CLTs and you may be asked about your vaccination status and/or required to take tests before visiting projects. 


Contract activities and deliverables

  • A photo bank of high resolution photos which we will own the rights to. We would be looking for at least 15 photos per project. 
  •  We need a mixture of orientations, but we will need at least 3 photos per project that can be used as headers on our website. These photos are very wide and slim – a 3:8:1 ratio and need to be square on from the front so will look good in the header and below the page title graphic. For example see https://www.communitylandtrusts.org.uk/about-clts/success-stories/



This is a rolling tender. We will aim to look at all submissions as quickly as we can after we receive them, but please bear with us if due to staff being part time and holidays we are unable to review applications until after Christmas. We’ll close the tender once we have all the required photographers in place and will update this page as people are contracted for different parts of the UK. We need to have all the photos completed by March 2022. 


How to tender:

If you are interested, please email us with your proposal for which areas you would like to photograph, how you would approach this contract and proposed timescales. 

Please include a link to online examples of your work. 

Please outline what you would be able to provide for a maximum total cost of £500 (including VAT and all expenses) per project. Or what your cost would be if less. Please be aware that we do not have any additional budget for this photography. 

Please include a description of your photography services and working style, including if you have worked with any similar organisations or similar work. 

Please ensure you show that you are happy to work in a Covid safe way and will wear a mask. 

Please send your tenders to [email protected] and [email protected].


For more information or a chat about the tender please contact Sophie Haggerty [email protected] 

We really hope you are interested in applying.