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20th November 2021

Get ready for an online day of celebrating CLTs

Not just your ordinary AGM. As well as the usual business, this year we’re holding the CLT Fête, a Dragons’ Den of Ideas, the national CLT Awards 2021 and more.

Dip in and out during the day. Have your say on our official business. Get ideas. Talk with other CLTs. Celebrate amazing work. Brim with inspiration. 


Our formal business

CLT fete

CLTs running sessions to share and celebrate


People will pitch where we should put our time & energy. You choose


Celebrate the best of the best


Share your lunchtime with other CLTs in a pot luck lunch


2 options
CLT Fête Getting RP status with Calder Valley CLT Calder Valley CLT will provide information about the process they went through to gain RP status.
CLT Fête An update on how it’s all going with Leeds CLT/Leeds Community Homes An update from Leeds CLT and Q&A on our diversity work, planning permission on our Mistress Lane site, Climate Innovation District homes being built, our role in the Climate Action Leeds programme, upcoming share issue, and our registration as an RP.
2 options
CLT Fête Affordable Passivhaus community housing in a rural setting with Lune Valley CLT The story of our social housing development in Halton, Lancashire now under construction including the design of the homes and the fact that the homes will be powered entirely by local renewable energy sources; the partnerships with the local council and a local housing association; the challenges posed to the architects and contractors, building to very high Passivhaus standards. The links between Passivhaus requirements and meeting climate change objectives will be highlighted. This will be followed by a Q&A session.
CLT Fête Shaldon Road Tour with Bristol CLT Tour of Shaldon Road site which is currently in development


2 options

CLT Fête CLT War Stories with Wrigleys Solicitors

The Wrigleys team share CLT war stories and invite attendees to share their own stories of woe ideas for how to overcome difficulties.

 Watch this video ahead of the sessions!

CLT Fête Self-build affordable housing with Broadhempston CLT Overview of our project and key lessons on key stages and aspects, such as getting planning in a rural exception site, budgeting, planning the construction phase and what to expect from your architect/design team and designing for affordable self-build, designing for a community group.
12:00-12:45 Dragons’ Den
Dragons’ Den
: They pitch – you decide!

Where should CLTs invest their time and money? And how could the national network invest in your priorities? 3 pitches, then you decide……

– Take over your high street pitch from Vidhya Alakeson from Power to Change

– Redress multigenerational racial injustice pitch from Julius Kimbrough New Orleans

– Tackle the climate emergency, Rachael Orr of Placeshapers

12:45-13:30 AGM Official AGM Formal AGM business of the day
13:30-14:15 Lunch Pot Luck Lunch Grab your food and a beverage of your choice and take pot luck on who else is online to share your lunch with
14:15-15:00 Awards CLT Awards 2021 Celebrate the stars of the CLT movement – the CLTs, individuals and schemes going above and beyond
Nominate by 14 November
15:15-15:45 Funding Clinics Get advice on funding and finance from Triodos 2x pre-bookable slots for CLTs to get advice on funding and finance. To book a slot, please fill out this form (download) and send to: [email protected] and [email protected].
CLT Fête Engaging Communities Online with CASH Workshop about the impact of pandemic on outreach and how CLTs can explore new ways of engaging communities as participants. The session focuses on how CLTs can forge online spaces for curious exploration and co-operation. We would like to share our research in progress and structure discussion around creating interactive systems to expand reach, depth and effectively the membership.
16:00-16:30 Funding Clinics Get advice on funding and finance from Triodos 2x pre-bookable slots for CLTs to get advice on funding and finance. To book a slot, please fill out this form (download) and send to: [email protected] and [email protected].
CLT Fête Working with churches with Keswick Community Housing Trust Two of our developments involved working with churches.  With the Archbishop of Canterbury’s ‘Coming Home’ report we thought this could be a useful session to run to discuss how we succeeded and the benefits that all parties realised – we hope it might provide some inspiration to others.