Sustainable Housing for Inclusive and Cohesive Cities (SHICC)

Project overview

The Sustainable Housing for Inclusive and Cohesive Cities (SHICC) project seeks to support the establishment of more successful Community Land Trusts (CLT) in cities across the North-West European (NWE) region. Over the three-year project (Sept 2017 - Sept 2020) it will invest in four existing CLTs in Brussels, Ghent, Lille and London to ‘prove the concept’, create a supportive local, regional and national policy, funding and regulatory environment for CLTs and build a movement across the region.

Affordability crisis

North-west Europe is in the midst of a housing affordability crisis, and as it continues to penetrate further into the fabric of our cities, their social and economic sustainability is being seriously threatened. More than 26 million people across the European Union are living in overcrowded and inadequate properties.

The solution

Amidst the crisis in housing, there is a growing movement of ordinary people across the region who are taking matters into their own hands; they are forming Community Land Trusts. In the absence of new housing supply through traditional housing models, CLTs offer an innovative and economically sustainable way of providing genuinely and permanently affordable homes. On top of this, they are enabling communities to take back control of their own neighbourhoods and create a better future that works for everyone.

What is a Community Land Trust? 

CLTs are non-profit, democratic, community-led organisations. They develop and manage homes that are affordable to low and median income households, as well as other assets that contribute to thriving local communities. They act as long-term stewards of these assets, ensuring they remain permanently affordable. This is achieved through mechanisms that ensure that any additional value generated is retained within the CLT.


By the end of the project we aim to have established a widespread movement of CLTs across the region and CLTs to be widely recognised as a mainstream option for housing supply and urban renewal in all countries.

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