West Rhyl CLT, Denbighshire

‘I feel very lucky and privileged to be one of the first families housed by West Rhyl CLT. It’s fantastic to be given the chance to finally be in a lovely family home.’ Stephanie Riley, resident of West Rhyl CLT.

In brief: West Rhyl has pioneered a welsh CLT model since 2010. It formed to tackle the poor quality of housing in the sullen market of this deprived former tourist town; they have refurbished several properties in the town already for local families, and are now stepping up to a new development of 4 homes, a business space and community office - first demolishing a row of poor quality housing too large for family use. The CLT is a key part of a concerted effort across the town to improve the local housing market, and is working in partnership with local housing associations, the local authority, North Wales Police and the Welsh Government. 

Why they are part of the programme: They have achieved great partnerships with professional bodies, without losing their grassroots focus, to become a real addition to local regeneration plans - a model to follow.