West Kensington & Gibbs Green Community Homes London

In brief: West Kensington & Gibbs Green Community Homes (WKGGCH) represents 2 estates in west London, containing between them around 760 households. The estates are on the verge of demolition by an international business conglomerate to make way for luxury flats on the highly valuable freehold. Instead, the CLT is fighting back, pioneering the use of the new Right to Transfer to (in effect) reverse- Compulsory Purchase the estates back from the local authority which is selling them, to keep the homes safe in community ownership. 

Why they are part of the programme: A new way of doing a CLT: WKGGCH is pioneering the Right to Transfer, new legislation which might be a game-changer for urban community action, in an eye-wateringly complicated political environment. What they learn here will teach us where the movement goes next. This is a story of big business and political might pitching for-profit housing against affordability and community interest - and exactly what CLTs should be about.