Middlesbrough CLT

In brief: Middlesbrough CLT has been refurbishing empty properties in the city centre since 2011. After the collapse of the council’s Housing Market Renewal plans large areas of the city centre have been left vacant or derelict; Middlesbrough CLT proposes an alternative which puts redevelopment of the city’s housing hand in hand with addressing inequalities, particularly through their emphasis on local labour and apprenticeships. They were the winners of the prestigious TPAS award for community engagement in July 2013. The CLT already owns 5 formerly empty properties in the city; the Urban CLT Project will support their plans to refurbish a further 15 homes and to build a new development of 4 flats and 10 houses in the city centre. 

Why they are part of the programme: This is a great example of a CLT rebuilding communities, not just homes and is a model to follow for any local authority struggling with depressed town centres and long-term empties.