London CLT

Name: London CLT

Location: London



Arguably the most famous CLT in the country and the first CLT in the capital, London CLT broke landmark ground with its first development at the former St Clement’s hospital, a workhouse-come-psychiatric hospital which will now hold the capital’s first development of permanently affordable homes. 23 homes will be made available to local East Londoners, using an innovative sale price formula which links prices to area median income rather than the market - meaning that the homes will actually become progressively more affordable over time as the market inflates around them. The CLT was born out of community organising by London Citizens and has a membership of over 1000 amongst East London residents. They have now set their sights on providing 100 CLT homes on the Olympic Park, and on the site of a vacant church. 


St Clements

The St Clements project has won several national housing awards. It is being built by Linden Homes, in partnership with the Greater London Authority (GLA) and Peabody. The project will provide 252 new homes, 35% of which will be genuinely affordable homes including 58 for 'social rent' and 23 community land trust homes. 

Building at the Grade 2 listed, ex psychiatric hospital is nearing completion and London CLT completed the allocation process for London's first 23 CLT homes. The first CLT residents moved into St Clement's in the summer of 2017. 


The Shadwell CLT campaign sprung from a group of local people who wanted more safe, warm, affordable homes in Shadwell. The campaign started in 2016 with a Walk for Affordable Housing around the local area, looking for unused land. One site identified, which was owned by Transport for London was just a short walk from St George's in the East Church. 

Fast forward 2 years of consistant campaigning, open meetings with local people, negotiating with decision makers and more they Shadwell campaign had a successful bid for the land. To keep getting updates on the campaign keep checking London CLT website 


The Redbridge campaign started with with relationship building and education. In February 2015, they met with Cabinet Member for Housing and senior housing officers and introduced them to the the concept of CLTs. A few days following these meetings they held a housing action with over 100 people and the Deputy Council Leader commited to building affordable CLT homes in Redbridge with them. 

Fast forward 2 years the schedule for the Clements Road site was drawn up which looks to replace 2 office blocks and convert them into flats with the homes scheduled to be completed in September 2020.