Homebaked CLT, Liverpool

'Brick by brick, loaf by loaf, we build ourselves'

In brief: An iconic project just up the road from the stadium where “you will never walk alone”, Homebaked CLT is a housing project with a cooperative bakery on site, in the middle of a neighbourhood largely boarded up and closed down as part of the Liverpool Housing Market Renewal Initiative. The CLT’s community bakery is already up and running, and the next phase will see it renovate 2 flats above the shop. After that will come renovation of adjacent terraces, currently still earmarked for demolition in the City Council plans for Anfield. 

Why they are part of the programme: The CLT is a staggering example of community action in a complex environment, which has negotiated some highly complicated relationships and regeneration plans with the local authority. As a tale of bringing back community to a neighbourhood left to decline, with and sometimes in spite of top-down plans for the area, this is one to follow.