Granby Four Streets, Liverpool

In brief: Granby 4 Streets started life as a community-run market and guerilla gardening group, in a neighbourhood broken up by successive demolition plan as part of the Liverpool Housing Market Renewal Initiative. Over time, this evolved into a CLT with a strong vision: to reinstate their streets as a thriving, vibrant multi-racial, multi-cultural area. They have been given the freehold of 10 properties in the area by Liverpool City Council, and will refurbish these as permanently affordable housing. In phase 2, their project will refurbish derelict shops, an arts and retail hub and a community cafe. The properties are all being developed in partnership with a mentorship training programme, to offer building training to unskilled young people. 

Why they are part of the programme: The multi-phase development and innovative training programme make this a strong, holistic regeneration initiative for the area. The CLT has also built a strong relationship with the local authority out of a more challenging beginning and has plenty of learning to share with the movement.