East London CLT

In brief: Arguably the most famous CLT in the country, East London CLT broke landmark ground with its first development at the former St Clement’s hospital, a workhouse-come-psychiatric hospital which will now hold the capital’s first development of permanently affordable homes. 23 homes will be made available to local East Londoners, using an innovative sale price formula which links prices to area median income rather than the market - meaning that the homes will actually become progressively more affordable over time as the market inflates around them. The CLT was born out of community organising by London Citizens and has a membership of over 1000 amongst East London residents. They have now set their sights on providing 100 CLT homes on the Olympic Park, and on the site of a vacant church. 

Why they are part of the programme: Their experience in community organising and political campaigning will shape our understanding of how urban CLTs win through grassroots activism.