Brighton & Hove CLT

Name: Brighton and Hove Community Land Trust

Location: Brighton



Like Oxfordshire CLT, Brighton & Hove CLT is using the CLT mechanism to suggest a coherent alternative for local authority land disposals. Brighton & Hove CLT is a newly-forming alliance of community-led housing groups across the city, working together to provide a single point of engagement with the local authority. The CLT will act as a vehicle for the City Council to pass on landholdings for community-led development. Their scheme makes it easier for the local authority to give land to small housing initiatives that it wants to support but doesn’t have the resources to negotiate with individually. The CLT has the backing of the City’s green party administration and will be seeking out sites for new affordable housing ahead of the May elections. 

Their proposals will offer a bold experiment in the use of a Community Land Trust as a city-wide vehicle to support development by smaller, local housing schemes.



Brighton and Hove Community Land Trust (CHCLT) supports community-led housing projects, including co-operatives, cohousing and self build, all developed through local people working together. The Programme is supported by Brighton and Hove City Council (BHCC). 

There work is to increase community-led housing in Bright and Hove by:

  • Discovering suitable land and properties and helping groups acquire them for housing projects.

  • Connecting local people who want to start their own housing projects and providing them with expertise and support.

  • Raising awareness and building knowledge about housing with local people, the council and others who work in housing.

  • Supporting local people to apply to the Community Housing Fund for financial support with their housing projects.