Homes for Wells CLT

Formed over 10 years ago, Homes for Wells CLT has housed 30 families who were finding it hard to keep up with the local housing market. Hailed as an early adopter of community-led housing, Homes for Wells has received national recognition for their innovative projects.

Many thanks to Olivia Christian at CLT East who has compiled this case study.


Situated on the North Norfolk coast, Wells-next-the-Sea is a typically English fishing town that has managed to retain much of its quaint maritime feel into the 21st century. Wells boasts many of the features you would expect to find in a traditional seaside town including fish and chip shops, shore crab fishing, a lifeboat station and, of course, a functioning harbour and shipping yard. However, for core communities, living within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty often comes at a cost: as is increasingly the case in desirable areas, property prices in Wells have rocketed in recent years leaving local workers unable to compete for housing in their own town.

Homes for Wells CLT was established in 2006 as a result of revelations uncovered by housing investigation into the needs of local people. For Wells to continue to thrive as a diverse rural community, it was decided that the housing situation of local workers, or ‘keyworkers’, in particular should be addressed.

The Homes for Wells (HfW) Board comprises a small number of dedicated residents, passionate about empowering local workers. The group has enjoyed strong backing from the Wells community from the beginning and has become a well-known local asset through successful campaigns in news outlets, community engagement events and countless fundraising efforts. HfW also had a press presence on a national level, petitioning for housing associations to become officially exempt from the Right to Buy.

Homes for Wells’ portfolio consists of properties that were either purchased by the housing organisation or acquired through legacy. 


Since its launch in 2006, Homes for Wells has housed over 30 families in their affordable homes. Through a determination to succeed and a commitment to the local community, residents were able to successfully transform the lives of workers in Wells that would have otherwise been forced to relocate. HfW are now looking forward to embarking on new projects, not only in Wells but also the surrounding areas of Stiffkey, Warham, Wighton and Holkham. Here’s to another 10 fantastic years! 

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