Start a CLT

Interested in starting a CLT? Here's how we can help you take your first steps.

There is no "correct" way to start a Community Land Trust. This diagram shows the main five steps.

  • Group - set up a new steering group, recruit members of the community, agree what you want the CLT to achieve, incorporate and develop a business plan.
  • Site - find a suitable site, including investigating any potential problems and how much you can pay for it, then get the money to buy it.
  • Plan - work up a full planning application, with detailed plans for your homes and other facilities, and get planning permission.
  • Build - there are lots of options from building them yourselves, using a local contractor or leaving it to a partner housing association.
  • Live - once you have people living in your homes, you may work as their landlord, or oversee a managing agent or landlord you've partnered with, as well as decide how to use any surplus for the benefit of your community.

Of course life rarely goes to plan, and you might not follow this exact route. Sometimes a site comes along and you form a group to buy and use it. Existing community organisations can start CLTs, and housing associations and developers can decide to form a CLT to complete a project they already had in mind.

How you can get started

Get over to our sister site Communty Led Homes for up to date information on funding, resources and events that will help you set up a community land trust.

We've teamed up with the Confederation of Co-operative Housing, Locality and UK Cohousing to create Community Led Homes, a new programme that supports our mission to make community led hosuing a mainstream housing option.

Community Led Homes will provide training, funding and practical support to community led housing groups, councils and developers.

Don't forget to talk to your local community led housing enabler hub first! There are now around 20 hubs operating across the country and more in development. If there isn't a hub open in your region yet, don't worry, there is a network of technical advisers on hand to help you realise your plans. 

Find your local enabler hub here 

(you'll be taken to the Community Led Homes website)

Other things to get you started:

  • Read chapter two of our CLT Handbook (for the full 12-chapter handbook, join us as a member)
  • Get a sense of the movement and how the National CLT Network is working with its members to campaign for an environment where CLTs can thrive.

If you've any questions or want some advice, you can always get in touch with us and we'll do our best to help.