Project Partners

The Sustainable Housing for Inclusive and Cohesive Cities (SHICC) project seeks to support the establishment of more successful Community Land Trusts (CLT) in cities across the North-West European (NWE) region. Over the three-year project (Sept 2017 - Sept 2020) it will invest in four existing CLTs in Brussels, Ghent, Lille and London to ‘prove the concept’, create a supportive local, regional and national policy, funding and regulatory environment for CLTs and build a movement across the region.

Ville de Lille

City of Lille is the lead Partner of the project, supporting the work package (WP) management and coordinate the partnership agreement. As lead partner, City of Lille is involved in all WPs in order to ensure their proper coordination and advancement. More specifically, City of Lille will be involved in the implementation of WP 4 pilots in conjunction with the OFSML.


Community Land Trust Brussels 

Community Land Trust Brussels (CLTB) is the pioneer of the CLT model on the European continent. Since its creation in 2012, CLTB has delivered 9 homes and is currently in the process of developing another 120 housing units. Future residents and neighbours participate in planning and are represented on the Board, together with representatives from the government of the Brussels Capital Region. CLTB is recognised as a social housing partner in the Brussels Housing Bill, and has strong ties with the Brussels Region. In 2017, CLTB received two important national awards, recognising its innovativeness in the field of housing.

As initiator of the SHICC project, CLTB is in charge of the overall project management, together with the City of Lille (Lead Partner). As one of the four pilot projects, CLTB focuses on making its organisation stronger and more resilient by enhancing community involvement and by diversifying the financing of its operations. Through its involvement in the capacity building, long term effects and communication work packages, CLTB helps spreading the CLT model within the NWE region and supports emerging CLTs in order to overcome barriers. Finally, CLTB will be in charge of organizing the third supra-national event in 2020.


Community Land Trust Gent 

Supporting Communtiy Land Trust Gent, SLO Gent will be leading the Workpackage 4 Pilots and contributing to the other work packages.



FMDV will be in charge of the coordination of the Financial models WP.. FMDV will mobilise its internal expertise and reach out to networks and partners (in particular from the finance community and local and regional governments) to analyse financial models, develop new financing approaches and engineering for CLTs, and disseminate best practices and tools developed within the project allowing systematizing the concept in NWE


London CLT 

London CLT brings practitioner expertise as a CLT in the very expensive housing market of London. It has particular experience in engaging with communities and the state, based on a community organising approach. It is making the change from a grant-funded not for profit with a campaigning emphasis to a sustainable social enterprise, actively exploring a diverse range of social finance options. LCLT is keen to develop new ways to create sustainable funding.


National CLT Network

Lead the Communications work package (WP) - Lead the Start-up Fund WP, building on its existing grant programme that provides small grants for nascent or new CLTs to buy in technical support and reach key milestones; - Lead the Long-term Effects WP, specifically delivering the advocacy campaign work and social impact measurement work. - Support the delivery of the Capacity Building WP, Financial Models WP and project management WP.