Morning Plenary

Opening keynote from James Murray, Deputy Mayor, Housing and Residential Development for London

Building cohesive and sustainable cities

What role does housing play in the sustainability and cohesion of a community and what does it mean for local people to be in the driver's seat? Join influential figures in the Community Led Housing sector as they explore the role Community Land Trusts can play in building a cohesive and sustainable local area that works for everyone.


Baroness Cathy Bakewell, Chair, National CLT Network 


Sorcha Edwards, Secretary-General, Housing Europe 

Tom Chance, Director, National CLT Network

Nigel Kersey, Director, Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government 

Audrey Linkenheld, Deputy City Councillor, Ville de Lille  

Afternoon Plenary

A new kind of municipalism: communities Local, and National Governments working together

More and more people are cultivating meaningful partnerships with their local governments to tackle the housing problems in their area. But what does it look like to fundamentally shift power dynamics away from a top-down approach to working alongside one another?


Charli Bristow, Research and Projects Manager, Future for London 


Andrea Jones, Director, Brighton and Hove CLT

Paul Smith, Bristol City Council (invited)  

Representative from the City of Ghent 

Breakout sessions:

Housing as the heart of community: Social impact and benefits of community land trusts to local economies

Mechanisms like community land trusts are giving civil society the means to create affordable housing and protect other places of community value. Mirroring the Preston Model, community land trusts upskill residents and keep money in the local area - in this session hear more on how community land trusts are already stimulating and protecting local economies.


Peg Alexander, TV & Radio Presenter


Mike Staples, Chief Executive, Dumfries and Galloway Small Communities Housing Trust 

Neil McInroy, Chief Executive, CLES

Britt Jurgensen, Co-Producer, Homebaked CLT 

Climate breakdown: what role does housing play in building a sustainable future

Community Land Trusts are building homes and shaping places that can slash our carbon emissions, but is this happening in practice? Do community land trusts have a role to play in both mitigating against climate breakdown, and helping communities adapt to a changing climate?


Ian Rigarlsford, External Affairs Manager, Ecology Building Society


Sur Riddlestone, Chief Executive & Co-Founder,  Bioregional 

Christine Murray, Journalist, The Developer 

Charles Ainger, Chair, Lune Valley CLT 

Thom Steward, Irish Regenerative Trust 

Building a sector infrastructure

The community land trust movement has grown significantly in the UK in the last decade. This has been, in part, down to the infrastructure the sector has been developing, with local enabling hubs, a professional training scheme and improved technical resources. This session will look at how we can nurture self-sustaining market so the movement can grow much faster.


Vidhya Alakeson, Chief Executive, Power to Change


Linda Wallace, Chief Executive, CDS Co-operatives

Dr Tom Archer, Academic

Samantha Jones, Head of Programmes and Development, National CLT Network 

Andy Dean, Chief Executive, North East CLH Network

What does resident led regeneration look like?

Rapid change in an area can transform its face forever. Local people shouldn’t lose out on the benefits regeneration brings and are rarely invited to collaborate in the process. In fact, could local people hold the key to truly transformational and ethical development? We think so. This workshop will explore what happens when local communities are in the driving seat and are able to meaningfully contribute.


Bathan Lant, London CLT 


Chris Brown, Founder, Igloo 

Hazel Tilley, Vice-Chair, Granby Four Streets

Michael LaFond, CLT Berlin 

Nicolas Boy Smith, Founder & Director, Create Streets 

As far as the eye can see: getting land for CLTs

Communities owning land forever. This is a key goal of any CLT, but what does the process of getting land look like? How can CLTs compete in the market for land, and how can public authorities best make underused assets available to CLTs? This session looks at policy, community organising, financial opportunities and more that have helped CLTs acquire land.


David Alcock, Partner, Anthony Collins Solicitors 


Ulrich Kriese, Edith Maryon Foundation, 

Jo Lavis, Director, Rural Housing Solutions

Zohra Chiheb, Regeneration Manager, Croydon Council

Kristina Nitsolova, Urban Development Officer, Community Land Scotland 

Follow the money to build the pipeline: the financial opportunities for community land trusts across North West Europe

The most comprehensive study into funding available to community land trusts in north-west Europe has taken place thanks to the SHICC project. After analysing more than 600 sources of funding, global organisation, FMDV, has revealed the possibilities and obstacles for CLTs. In this session, CLT practitioners and their financing partners will present their contribution towards a thriving ecosystem of funders and lenders and how it would lead to thousands of high quality affordable homes being built across the continent.

While accessing and financing land and early-stage support to the nascent CLTs will be discussed during the parallel workshops, the main topics that will drive the focus of this session are twofold:

- How to build an ecosystem/ a market of mortgage lenders in each region/ country and across Europe?

- What are the lessons learned from the CLTs practitioners in generating their own revenue?

Simon Crichton, Triodos Bank 
Andrew Baddeley-Chappel, Co-Author, Community Led Housing Mortgage Report 
Charlotte Boulanger, Global Fund for Cities Development 
Bruno Isebyt, Gent Community Land Trust
**More to be announced**