Member Plus package

Member Plus
  • CLTs with an annual operating budget below £10,000: £350
  • CLTs with an annual operating budget of £10,000 or more: £530

Please note that we do not charge VAT in addition to the prices quoted above.

Member Plus includes: All the benefits listed above as well as bespoke and comprehensive Directors and Officers Liability insurance. There are a number of benefits to securing your insurance through the National CLT Network, including: 

  • Bespoke coverage from a leading UK insurer;
  • Access to professional insurance advisers who will be happy to guide you on all aspects of your insurance placements; 
  • A wider definition of Insured Person, including all directors, officers, trustees and employees;
  • Cover for individuals in respect of claims arising out of their provision of advice;
  • Cover for former members in respect of wrongful acts committed whilst a member;
  • Cover for defence costs incurred by the CLT itself in relation to Corporate Manslaughter or regulatory Investigations
  • Access to free advice lines (legal, health & safety, tax and stress counselling).


To be eligible to join as a Member of the Network, you must meet (or be working towards meeting) the statutory definition of a CLT

Join the Network


Please note that as part of joining as a Member Plus or a Member, we ask that you complete an Organisational Health Check. This is a self-certification exercise designed to assess your standard of governance and is primarily an internal tool for your use. 

Scroll down to download the Organisational Health Check.  


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