Member Plus package

Member Plus
  • CLTs with an annual operating budget below £10,000: £350
  • CLTs with an annual operating budget of £10,000 or more: £530

Please note that we do not charge VAT in addition to the prices quoted above.

Member Plus includes: All the benefits listed above as well as bespoke and comprehensive Directors and Officers Liability insurance, and the further option to add Organisational and Professional Liability insurance. 

Directors & Officers Insurance

If you are a trustee, directors, committee member or officer of a charity, association and not for profit organisation, you should have Directors & Officers/Trustees Insurance. It is designed to cover the cost of claims for compensation for wrongful acts made against you.
Being a trustee, director, committee member or officer of an organisation brings with it certain responsibilities – for example to volunteers/employees and members of the public. It also exposes the individuals holding these positions to personal liability for any errors or omissions they make in the performance of their duties. This means that they can personally face claims which could lead to fines, compensation awards or even imprisonment. While the likelihood of this happening is low, it's important to get insurance to cover the worst eventuality. 
Organisational and Professional Liability

Organisational & Professional Liability is an extension which can be added to include claims made directly against the company for alleged wrongful acts and errors/omissions in the advice and services the organisation provides.

There are a number of benefits to securing your insurance through the National CLT Network, including: 

  • Bespoke coverage from a leading UK insurer;
  • Access to professional insurance advisers who will be happy to guide you on all aspects of your insurance placements; 
  • A wider definition of Insured Person, including all directors, officers, trustees and employees;
  • Cover for individuals in respect of claims arising out of their provision of advice;
  • Cover for former members in respect of wrongful acts committed whilst a member;
  • Cover for defence costs incurred by the CLT itself in relation to Corporate Manslaughter or regulatory Investigations
  • Access to free advice lines (legal, health & safety, tax and stress counselling).


To be eligible to join as a Member of the Network, you must meet (or be working towards meeting) the statutory definition of a CLT

Join the Network


Please note that as part of joining as a Member Plus or a Member, we ask that you complete an Organisational Health Check. This is a self-certification exercise designed to assess your standard of governance and is primarily an internal tool for your use. 

Scroll down to download the Organisational Health Check.  


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