Member package


  • CLTs with an annual operating budget below £10,000: £150
  • CLTs with an annual operating budget of £10,000 or more: £300

Please note that we do not charge VAT in addition to the prices quoted above.

This package is specifically designed for CLTs working with housing association partners and do not need bespoke Directors and Officers insurance. The Member package includes the same benefits as the Member Plus package, except it does not include the bespoke Directors and Officers insurance. You should take care when deciding which membership is more appropriate for your organisation. 

This is for you if: you are an established CLT with an identified project complete or underway but do not need Directors and Officers Liability Insurance. It may be that you're working with a housing association partner, for example. 

To be eligible to join as a Member of the Network, you must meet (or be working towards meeting) the statutory definition of a CLT

Join the Network

Please note that as part of joining as a Member Plus or a Member, we ask that you complete an Organisational Health Check. This is a self-certification exercise designed to assess your standard of governance and is primarily an internal tool for your use. The National CLT Network is committed to maintaining the quality reputation of its membership, and we may refuse to register a new member where we feel their practices do not reflect a good standard of governance as a CLT.

Scroll down to download the Organisational Health Check.  


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