Why join the Network?

Get noticed, support the movement, share your story and get your voice heard at the highest level of Government. There are countless benefits to joining the Network. Find out more here.

The National CLT Network is a membership body. We support, promote and represent Community Land Trusts across the country, and in turn our members shape and govern our work. 

Through our lobbying and campaigning work we have been able to make sure that the needs of CLTs are heard at the highest level in Government. Our great lobbying successes would not have been possible though without the strength and support of our members. By joining the Network, you are adding your support to a national movement, which will in turn create even better opportunities for your work on the ground. 

Whether you're a CLT or an organisation that wants to support the CLT movement, we've love you to get involved.

Here are four main reasons why you should consider joining the National CLT Network:

  • You'll receive some great benefits.  Our affiliation packages are tailored to give you all the benefits and support you need, whatever stage of development your CLT has reached or whatever type of organisation you are. These include access to specialist funding, free legal advice, Directors and Officers Liability Insurance, free or discounted places at Network events and much more. 
  • Get noticed as part of this groundbreaking movement. The CLT movement is taking off across the country, changing the game for housing and getting the reconition it deserves from Government. Our members are recognised as being strong, effective organisations leading the change in their communities. If you're a professional looking to support the sector, you can benefit from being identified with this innovative social movement.
  • Shape our work and share in the benefits of our mulitple campaigning wins. Our lobbying and campaigning work has been essential in ensuring CLTs thrive. Just in the last year we have been able to exempt CLTs from the Right to Buy in the voluntary deal, exempt CLTs from the 1% rent cut and secure £60 million funding for CLTs and community housing, as announced in the Budget 2016. By joining the Network, you are adding your voice to this vital campaigning work. 
  • Learn from others and share your story. By sharing your story with the national movement of CLTs, together we can make sure that others learn frrom your experience. Although every CLT is unique, the lessons you learn could transform the journey for someone else. The National CLT Network exists to ensure that the experience of our members can be shared, so that CLTs thrive together.