Stir to Action Webinar: Getting Organised - A Whistlestop Tour of Democratic Legal & Governance Models

27 May 2020 10:30 - 27 May 2020 13:00
Stir to Action
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In partnership with Power to Change.

"The ‘New Economy’ covers a wide range of organisational forms and legal structures, from Companies Limited by Guarantee to Community Benefit Societies – it's not surprising that activists and communities can find the choice of legal structure a minefield. 

Do we need an asset lock? What will we do with our profits?  How will we raise money to start our co-operative or buy an asset? How can we organise in a way that is effective yet still allows for meaningful participation and democratic control by our stakeholders?  

This workshop takes you through the basics, introducing the legal structures that can help you fulfill your mission, and the governance models that can ensure you do it in a way that provides a voice for the people who really matter."