ACRE Community-Led Housing Trainings - Norton sub Hamdon

31 July 2018 10:00 - 31 July 2018 16:00
Devon Communities Together
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The ACRE Network, England’s largest network of rural support organisations, has received funding from the Nationwide Foundation to run a series of training events in 2018. These events will increase the knowledge about community-led housing in rural communities, and help more residents to consider the local potential for such a project to address housing need in their area.

Each training session will cover a range of topics relating to community-led housing and will provide those in attendance with a competent understanding of the topic. This session is hosted by Devon Communities Together.

Those attending the training will learn about the different models of community-led housing, the finance involved, assessing local housing need and the availability of funding from the national Community-Led Housing Fund. It will also increase understanding of the time it takes to get a community-led housing project through to completion. Events will feature case studies from existing and live community-led housing projects, and offer the opportunity to network and develop contacts with those who are currently working in the sector.

A full calendar for the ACRE Network led Community-Led Housing training will be available on the ACRE website. Please follow ACRE on Twitter and visit our Facebook page for other updates. More details about this event will be released closer to the date.