Affordable Housing Commission report urges Government to support CLH

Monday 06 April 2020


Influential independent housing commission urges Government to increase its support for community led housing movement, in part through a renewed Community Housing Fund (CHF).

The Affordable Housing Commission’s report, “Making Housing Affordable Again: Rebalancing the Nation’s Housing System”, recommends that “central and local government continue to support community-led housing (in part through a new renewed community housing fund). The government should help remove barriers to scaling up community-led housing, including exemption from leasehold enfranchisement.” 

The report, recommendations and executive summary can be found here.

The Affordable Housing Commission was established by the Smith Institute in October 2018 to examine the critical issue of unaffordable housing in England. The commission is chaired by Lord Richard Best and 14 of the leading players in the housing world. 

The report concludes that the underlying suffering of many English households comes down to the halving of the social housing sector over many decades, which has pushed families into unaffordable segments of the private rental market.

Catherine Harrington, co-chief executive at the National CLT Network, said:

“After its thorough 18-month-long examination of the poor state of affordable housing in England, we are pleased that the Affordable Housing Commission agrees that community led housing must be a vital tool in rebalancing the housing system.

While of course now is not the time to make decisions on what to do about it, with the inordinate pressure the Government is under with the Coronavirus pandemic, housing construction will have a vital role to play in reviving our economy once this is all over and community housing must make up a key part of it”. 

For more information about the National CLT Network’s campaign for the Government to extend the Community Housing Fund, as well as the Adjournment Debate delivered by Mr Richard Bacon MP on the subject in the House of Commons, see our campaign page.

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