Tuesday 17 September 2019

National Community Land Trust Network, 7-14 Great Dover Street, London, SE1 4YR 

Charity Number: 1156952




NOTICE is hereby given that the 


Of the National CLT Network CIO will be held at 

The Studio, Birmingham
7 Cannon St. B2 5EP
On Saturday 5th October 2019

for the transaction of the following business

1. Introduction and apologies

2. Trustees annual report and annual statement of accounts

3. Resolutions

a. Adoption of accounts

b. Auditors

4. Election of trustees

5. The next 12 months

6.Any other business 

Explanatory Notes on Resolutions

Item 3

a) Adoption of Accounts

Burton Sweet, National CLT Network’s accountants, have now finalised and auditted the set of accounts covering the period to 31st March 2019. These accounts need Member approval at the AGM before sending to the Charity Commission.  

The Resolution is, therefore:

National CLT Network accounts for period ending 31st March 2019 are approved. 

b) Resolution – Auditors

Burton Sweet have completed and audited the set of National CLT Network accounts to 31st March 2019. These accounts now need to be presented to the Charity Commission. 

We are required to record through a formal resolution matters relating to the requirement to externally audit accounts. From a legal perspective, given our turnover is over £1M, there is a statutory requirements for auditing. 

It is therefore recommended that the National CLT Network appoint a qualified auditor for the year 2019-20

The Resolution is therefore: 

External auditing of National CLT Network accounts is required for the financial year ending 31st March 2020. 

7 Election of Trustees 

The following Trustees were co-opted by the board in January 2019 and as required by our constitution are now stepping down for re-election by our membership:

  • Helen Lawerence

  • Steve Hoey

  • Vanessa White

Each year our constitution requires that a third of our existing board step down for election, not including co-opted Trustees. The trustees stepping down this year are:

  • Cathy Bakewell

  • Stephen Hill

Cathy is seeking re-election as Chair of the Board.

The resolution is therefore. 

  • Do you agree to re-elect Cathy Bakewell to the board?

  • Do you agree to elect Helen Lawerence to the board?

  • Do you agree to elect Steve Hoey to the board?

  • Do you agree to elect Vanessa White to the board?

You can find biographies of the Trustees here:


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