Community finance webinar delivered by Crowdfunder UK

Sunday 09 September 2018

The National CLT Network has teamed up with Crowdfunder UK to help more community led housing groups raise money through donations and community share issues.


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Experts from Crowdfunder UK will be holding a special webinar for community ed housing groups on Friday 12 October at 12.30pm. 

They will go through:

  • what crowdfunding and community share issues are in more detail 
  • all the useful information and coaching support that's available
  • any questions you may have

Please email your questions in advance to our Communications Manager, Beth.


Sign up for the webinar here


Community Finance has many benefits. Not only does it mean groups can raise money, be that small amounts or six-figure sums, community finance is a great way to build close relationships with their wider community - a vital component of community led housing! 

Community Finance is a fantastic way of demonstrating that your project has the full backing of the community. So much so, that they're willing to dip into their pockets to support it.


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