National CLT Network responds to Labour housing Green Paper

Friday 27 July 2018

The National CLT Network responds to The Labour Party Green Paper, Housing for The Many consultation. Please download  PDF for our full response. 

  • In April 2018, The Labour Party launched their housing Green Paper, Housing For the Many.
  • The paper looks to tackle affordability, housing supply, social housing shortages, land ownership and more through a number of policy proposals. They have since done an open call for feedback and responses.
  • The National CLT Network ensures to highlight the role Community Land Trusts and Community Led Housing plays in tackling the housing crisis. Link to full response at the bottom of this page. 

Tom Chance, Director of the National CLT Network said: 

"We're delighted that the Labour Party has committed to retaining the Community Housing Fund. We hope they will see that CLTs can also play a big role across all their ambitions for housing, alongside councils and housing associations. CLTs are building and renovating social rented homes, taking innovative approaches to affordability, regenerating neighbourhoods, infilling council estates, empowering residents, and stewarding land for the good of the many, not a few wealthy landowners.

"Just in the past week, the London Deputy Mayor for Housing and Southwark councillors opened 27 new social rented flats built by a community-led housing organisation, Leathermarket CBS. They recognised that communities and councils working in partnership can often provide more and better homes. Local councils and mayors are getting behind community-led housing, and we hope the national Labour Party will follow their lead".


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