Multimillion European funding secured!

Tuesday 27 February 2018

The National CLT Network has been awarded EU funding as part of a collaborative bid to see the growth of Community Land Trusts in cities within Europe's north-west region.

The EU Interreg North-West Europe (NWE) Programme focuses on making NWE a key economic player and an attractive place to live and work. They have invested £2.9million in this three-year project entitled ‘Sustainable housing for inclusive and cohesive cities’. 

Working closely with partners across the region, including in France, Belgium, Holland, as well as with London CLT, the project aims to demonstrate how fostering the growth of CLTs will have a positive impact on affordability issues, poor quality housing and segregation.

Complementing much of the work that we are doing at the National CLT Network, the funding will be used to 'prove the concept' in other parts of the region, create a supportive local, regional and national policy, funding and regulatory environment for CLTs across the region, and build the movement. We will be supporting the communications and advocacy campaigning work and extending our 'Start-up Fund' grant programme to be available to groups in the region on a voucher basis. 

London’s pioneering scheme, London CLT, will be one of the project’s pilot schemes, alongside three others from Brussels, Ghent and Lille. They will be taking on a 'mentoring' role, guiding other urban communities across the country through their own CLT journeys.

For more information on London’s mentoring scheme and how to get involved, community groups should contact: 

Catherine Harrington, Director of the National Community Land Trust Network, said:

“Community Land Trusts are the fastest growing new housing approach in the country. Where traditional housing models are letting down those most in need, CLTs are providing hope. We now want to support efforts to see CLTs take off in other parts of North West Europe. 

“We’re very grateful to Interreg NWE for their investment and are delighted that they can see the potential of CLTs to bring about real, positive change in Europe’s cities and to people’s lives.”

Hannah Emery-Wright, Membership and Stewardship Manager at London CLT, said:

“London CLT grew out of the community organising efforts of Citizens UK. We believe that when communities come together they are powerful and can bring about real and lasting social change.

“We are proud to be a part of this wider project working with European partners to promote innovative housing approaches. We look forward to sharing what we’ve learnt on our journey with communities to help them transform their own futures.”

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