CLT Awards 2018 - a gaggle it was not!

Monday 10 December 2018

In the National CLT Network office we are proud to be one part of the community land trust movement and are very keen to help protect its bottom-up nature. That’s why geese played a big part in the CLT Awards, our slightly unconventional awards ceremony to celebrate and recognise all the work of the mostly volunteer-led CLTs popping up all over England and Wales. I’ll explain why in a moment...

I was delighted that we received 23 nominations for individuals and CLTs when we put out the call back in October. Every submission made me proud to work for and support you as Director. We saw stories of dogged determination and innovation that conjured general fuzzy warm feelings all over the show.  

Our awards ceremony was never going to be your standard housing awards. This wasn’t about glitz or eye-wateringly expensive tickets, pitting one CLT against another. This was about celebrating the leadership we all show and saluting the wonderful DIY ethos this movement embodies.

So those geese.


Yep, bear with me, geese. We were inspired by the idea (nicked...) that our American friends at Grounded Solutions (their CLT network) came up with.


Geese fly in a ‘V’ formation. The goose at the front takes the lead, while others follow in their slipstream to save energy. When the leading goose gets tired it drops back and another takes its place. In this way, every goose is a leader at some point in their long, arduous migrations.

So we recognised those people CLTs leading the pack in the past year. We are all leaders and pioneers at some point, and in the Network office we’re as often led by you as the other way around.


Winners got a little wooden goose and some flowers. We just stopped short of the American tradition whereby everyone in the room honks like geese. It’s just not British!

Congratulations to everyone who was up for an award and thank you all to those who attended and celebrated with us. Here’s to next year’s!


Tom Chance, Director, National CLT Network

The awards

Ain’t no mountain high enough
This category attracted nominations for individuals and teams which have all demonstrated superhuman determination to get the job done, no matter how impossible it seems, while all the while keeping a positive attitude.

    Heart of Hastings CLT, Bottom Up Development Team
    John Mather, East Midlands Community Led Housing
    Mark Wade, Crane Valley Land Trust
    Martyn Holmes, Brighton and Hove CLT
    New Ferry CLT
    Tony Crofts


Congratulations to:
Kareem Dayes from Rural Urban Synthesis Society (RUSS) for receiving this award. HONK!


Snippet from Kareem’s nomination:

“Kareem has contributed tireless leadership and campaigning for more than a decade, and he has inspired and motivated hundreds of people to get involved in facilitating their own affordable homes. It’s for these reasons we would like to nominate him for an award.”


Can’t stop, won’t stop

This could probably be anyone from the movement, the majority of CLTs are being driven forward by volunteers who are dedicating countless hours to the cause.


    Appledore Community Land Trust
    Bill Bewley, Keswick Community Housing Trust
    Bradley Big Local CLT
    Cheriton Bishop CLT
    Keith Cowling, Bristol CLT
    Lambeth Citizens

    Marshfield & Pill CLT
•   New Ferry CLT
    Powerstock & District CLT


Congratulations to Liz Maunder from Norton sub Hamdon CLT for receiving this award. HONK!


Snippet from Liz’s nomination:

Liz generously gives her time to welcome visitors from other communities on fact-finding trips to find out how CLTs work in practice, and can always be relied on to accept invitations to speak at events run by other CLTs, and also for the CLT sector more widely. When Liz speaks at these events she speaks from experience and from the heart, her enthusiasm for CLTs is genuine, infectious and often resonates strongly with others.”


When life gives you lemons

In a movement that is full of innovators those that were nominated were done so for ideas that are off the scale and have inspired many.


    Heart of Hastings CLT, Bottom Up Development Team
    New Ferry CLT
    St Ann’s Redevelopment Trust (StART)

    London CLT


Congratulations to E16 Community Land Trust (PEACH) for receiving this award. HONK!


Snippet from E16’s nomination:

“Last year, we completed our community-led regeneration plans for our neighbourhood but we knew that we needed more than just 'nice drawings' to get taken seriously. So in addition to our 250-page evidence document, we were able to raise some money from Andrew Wainwright Reform Trust to help us commission the production of our own viability tool, to help us show how our plan could become a reality and be economically viable. We were even able to attract some of the best minds in the business to produce the tool, including one who worked on Sadiq Khan's most recent London Plan. In our first meeting with the Council after the commission, the Deputy Mayor was blown away! He said he had never seen a community group take this step before and was really impressed.”


People-powered homes

No one can deny the power of people within this movement. The nominations came in for this award demonstrated significant strides in showing the world what community involvement is all about.



    Corry Valley CLT
    E16 Community Land Trust (PEACH)
    New Ferry CLT

    RUSS CLT, Lewisham

    Shadwell for Affordable Housing


Congratulations to Lyme Regis CLT for receiving this award. HONK!


(Alison Ward from Wessex Community Assets picked up the award on behalf of Lyme Regis CLT)

Snippet from Lyme’s nomination:

Lyme Regis CLT was formed to do something about the shortage of affordable homes in a seaside town popular with visitors and second home owners...To cut a long story short a planning application was made; an application that was recommended for refusal on landscape impact grounds. 'People power' then came to the fore at the planning committee with a series of 3 minute statements from local people passionately making the case for the project: 'If not here then where?' 'We desperately need affordable housing for locals' 'We don't mind that it's on top of a hill, we're used to the slopes in Lyme'. By a majority of 11-1 consent was granted. The project of 15 homes for rent was completed this year, 3-times oversubscribed by people with a connection to Lyme.”

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